How long does it take to get a Dental Crown?

How long does it take to get a Dental Crown?

Dr. Tom Meyer, cosmetic dentist in Mt Prospect, explains the process of getting a dental crown!

Your dentist gave you the news….you need a dental crown. The last time you had one, you had to wait for 2 weeks for the crown to be created in a lab and had the hassle of trying to chew with the temporary one. You have questions about crowns, such as, have crowns changed since you got your last one? How long does it take to get a dental crown? Are there differences in the quality of crowns? How do you find the right dentist to do your crown? Understandably, you are hesitating to get your crown because you want more clarity and answers to your questions.

Getting dental crowns at other dentists can be a long process with multiple visits, as well as inconvenient and uncomfortable. At Meyer Dental Group, we believe that getting a crown should be straight forward, pain free and with minimal appointments.

How can Meyer Dental Group help?

In your pursuit of a better quality of life, you deserve assistance from Dr. Tom Meyer who: 

  1. Has 25+ years of dental experience, including dental implant/dentures solutions
  2. Is a Mastership Member of the International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics
  3. Is a Member of the American Dental Society 

Dr. Tom Meyer has enjoyed practicing dentistry in the Chicago area since 1993. He proudly continues to provide excellent care to the community as his father did the generation before him. With over 25 years experience as a dentist, he has treated hundreds of patients with safe crowns and uses the most cutting edge technology for diagnosis and treatments. 

Dental crowns are used to restore chipped, damaged, or missing teeth. They are also used when there is a dental emergency, a root canal, or when decay in a tooth has reached the point where there is more filling than tooth. Your tooth is reshaped to accept a crown which is a replica of your tooth that fits over what remains of your tooth, or they can be placed on a dental implant. Crowns can be made of metal, porcelain, resin or ceramic. At Meyer Dental Group, we only use the safest materials to provide strong quality crowns.

Meyer Dental Group in Mt. Prospect offers the “One-Day Crown”

Typically, dental crown treatment involves two visits for the patient. At the first appointment, the dentist obtains a mold of the tooth to send to the lab to create the crown, and then prepares the tooth for the crown. The patient is fitted with a temporary crown and usually returns two weeks later to receive the permanent crown.

The good news is that technological advances now make it possible for technologically advanced dentists to do your crown in one visit! As a Cerec-certified dentist, Dr. Meyer has the training, experience and the Cerec equipment to create the permanent crown in less time – and on the first visit! The one day crown (or same day crown) eliminates the need for a second visit and the challenges of sensitivity and poor chewing which can occur with the temporary crown in between visits all in Mt. Prospect.

Getting a crown at Meyer Dental Group:

  • no return visits for crown placements – walk in and walk out with it all complete
  • no getting numb (injections) again at a second visit
  • relaxation time in a massage chair while your crown is milling  🙂
  • no sensitive temporary crowns

The process is simple at Meyer Dental Group to get your one-day crown

  1. Let’s figure out what you need.
  2. Experience a quick and easy visit.
  3. Enjoy getting your new permanent crown on the same day!

Don’t waste your time any longer!

  • Stop hesitating to get the crown you know you need
  • Forget about waiting 2 weeks for your crown
  • Don’t worry about toxic materials
  • Avoid chewing on a temporary crown
  • Ditch the two-visit crown

Make the choice that puts you first!

  • Go ahead with getting your dental crown
  • Enjoy not waiting 2 weeks for a crown
  • Relax knowing your crown is safe
  • Chew right away on your permanent crown
  • Enjoy your same-day single visit crown

Trust Meyer Dental Group to give you fast, easy, and safe dental crown options!

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CEREC Same Day Dental Crowns – When TIME is important to you

CEREC Same Day Dental Crowns – When TIME is important to you

CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns – When TIME is important to you

The benefits that CEREC same-day dental crown can offer are significant. In today’s bustling and demanding times, no one has the time to undergo expensive and repeated treatments. That’s why same-day dental porcelain crowns make use of the latest technology to provide people with high-quality and cost-effective dental care that is far more convenient.

Whether someone is a busy executive, a mother with little time to herself or a bride-to-be who wants to look sensational on her special day, one-day dental crowns may be just the solution. Same-day dental crown dentistry means no temporary crowns or messy impressions and no need to come back for more work.

What Are Same-Day Porcelain Crowns?

How Dental Crowns in One Day Are Created

One-day dental crowns are customized tooth-shaped caps that are designed to recreate the look of a natural tooth. The CEREC (CEramic REConstruction) machine allows for single-visit dental crowns to be created that match the size, color and shape of the patient’s real teeth. The crowns help to restore aesthetic beauty while also improving oral function and strength. Creating same-day dental crowns begins with making a 3D model of the tooth being treated. The digital model is then tweaked where necessary and the information is sent wirelessly to the CEREC machine. The milling process then begins and CEREC takes the image and creates an individualized crown from a ceramic block.

Single-Visit Dental Crowns Are Revolutionizing Dentistry

Are Same-Day Crowns Good? Check Out the Time-Saving Benefits

Take a look at just some of the benefits of today’s hottest dentistry trend:

  1. No messy impressions – most patients agree that there is nothing fun about getting dental impressions. They are messy and time consuming, particularly if the fit is not right the first time. With CEREC dental technology, the digital scan ensures a perfect fit the first time round.
  2. Immediate results – previously, patients have had to wait for crowns to be milled. This meant wearing temporary crowns that may not match their existing teeth. This is no longer a worry with same-day dental crowns by CEREC. Permanent crowns are milled while the patient waits.
  3. A perfect fit with the current teeththe natural-looking results mean that the crowns now blend seamlessly with a patient’s existing smile. In fact, it’s hard to tell the difference between the crowns and natural teeth.
  4. No more tedious processespermanent, same-day porcelain crowns are designed and manufactured on site and permanently installed in the same appointment. A one-day appointment means cost savings for patients, too, because patients don’t need to keep coming back to get the right fit, or wait for the crown to be created in an off-site lab.
  5. Pain-free and affordablethe crowns are designed from ceramic. No metal is used, which means that the crowns are more visually appealing. What’s more, they are completely painless and there is no chance of the patient having a metal allergic reaction. Patients are in and out in one appointment.

Have More Questions about Same-Day Dental Crowns?

Save Time – Book an Appointment Today

Now there are no more excuses for not having the time for a beautiful smile thanks to same-day porcelain crowns. Meyer Dental Group offers same day dental crowns dentistry in the Illinois communities of Des Plaines, Mount Prospect and Arlington Heights. We are happy to answer any questions about the time-saving procedure, materials and affordability.

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