Honoring Moms and Ladies this May in Mount Prospect

Honoring Moms and Ladies this May

Moms are extraordinary people. They do so much for their families and sometimes it’s taken for granted. Thankfully, we have a special day for mom each year—a day when we can tell her why we think she’s so amazing. A day when we can do something for her that shows our appreciation.
At our Des Plaines dental office, we’re offering a special promotion for moms and ladies for in-office professional teeth whitening. This special promotion will apply to the first twenty-five women who schedule an appointment.

May Teeth Whitening Promotion

With our teeth whitening promotion, you can treat a woman in your life, or yourself, to a sparkling, white smile.
The women who are scheduled for this special will receive:

• ZOOM! Advanced Whitening Special, only $299 after a $50 mail-in-rebate from ZOOM!
• Custom-made whitening trays at no additional fee. Custom trays ensure the possibility for long-term whitening with significantly reduced gum sensitivity.
• Our in-office professional teeth whitening is normally $550. I’m offering it for $349 (total before the mail-in-rebate).

Taking Care of Their Children’s Dental Care: Why Moms Deserve a Special Treat

We want to do something special for moms this year because we appreciate them so much. When kids come into my office with no cavities, I know mom may have had a part in that at home. Mothers are so dedicated to their children’s health and wellbeing. And that includes their dental health.

There are three reasons why moms deserve praise from their family dentist.

1. They’re the foundation of early oral hygiene care:

• Moms teach their children:
• How to brush properly, making sure to clean all surfaces of the teeth.
• How to floss properly with the C-shape flossing technique.
• The importance of brushing and flossing on a daily basis.

By the time these kids come into my office, all we have to do is finesse their technique. It’s great!


2. They Make Sure Their Kids Take Care of Their Teeth…Even During the Orthodontic (braces) Years

Oh, man… the ortho years. Trying to get a preteen or teen to brush or floss their teeth in the first place can be difficult. It’s even harder when there’s braces involved. But these amazing moms ensure, and they help their kids every single day. They do this by either helping them floss or reminding them to brush and floss daily. It’s an amazing feat.

3. They Bring Their Children in for Regular Dental Visits

When children come in every six months, or more, I’m more likely to detect decay in the early stages and can treat it promptly. Sometimes, the decay is superficial. That means I can remove it and place a filling without anesthesia. This makes mom and the child extremely happy.

It’s wonderful to tell a child that they don’t have any cavities. Believe me, I realize it takes a lot of work on mom’s part to make sure that happens. When moms take their children to the dentist, they can never be praised enough. We want to change that.

Thanks to All of the Mom’s Out There for Being Awesome!

How will you show mom you care this Mother’s Day? We hope you will take advantage of the teeth whitening promotion at our family dentist office.
Teeth bleaching is a great way to boost a person’s confidence level. And there’s nothing more satisfying than making a woman feel more beautiful and loved. So, this month, make sure to thank your mom for all she does. Tell her often how much you love her. And don’t forget to take advantage of the whitening promotion from your dentist in Des Plaines.
If you want to tell mom thanks with our teeth whitening promotion, make sure you call to reserve yours or your mom’s spot soon.

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