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Has your treatment for pain so far been in vain? While many pains can be identified easily and treated, there are a number of seemingly unrelated pains and symptoms which are caused by a disorder of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

This joint, or more correctly joints, are hard working facial joints that help you to bite, chew, talk and yawn.

When a jaw joint has become misaligned for any reason it can cause symptoms ranging from headaches and dizziness to pains all over the upper body.

Fortunately, TMJ disorder can be alleviated with the help from a dentist trained in TMJ treatment. Here at the Meyer Dental Group, we can assist TMJ sufferers with state of the art technology and custom made orthotics.


How a TMJ can become such a pain in the mouth

Temporomandibular joints are often seriously affected when your teeth have become misaligned. This could be because of an accident in which your jaw or teeth have been damaged or it could be from teeth grinding at night, a habitual activity or when your teeth have adopted uncomfortable or unnatural positions because of the way they have grown. Or even through unrelated dental work, especially orthodontic treatment.

Because of the absolute importance of the jaw joint any attempt to compensate for misalignment puts pressure on one or other of the joints and in turn pain and other effects are transferred elsewhere by nearby nerves.

How a dentist can help relieve TMJ pain with the use of an orthotic

If you think you have been suffering from TMJ dysfunction for some time it is sensible to have your condition thoroughly assessed first. We are able to help correct the problems caused by a badly misaligned jaw and teeth through a series of measures that include mild muscle relaxation, repositioning the jaw and possible orthodontic treatment if that is absolutely necessary.

Orthotics are custom made devices which help to gently force the jaw into a more natural and comfortable position. Here at the Meyer Dental Group we make use of a K7 sensing and mapping tool which helps to analyze exactly what is wrong with the jaw’s position. We use the results from tools like this to be able to design just the right shape of orthotic to get your jaw back into a better position.

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Time to reward your jaw – and yourself

When hard working jaw joints have been going through a tough time of it, it is time to give them a break. By using one of our custom made orthotic mouthpieces it guides your jaw back into shape so you are rewarding your jaw and giving yourself the best chance to have a pain free future.

Make a visit to Meyer Dental Group today and we will show you what our expertise and commitment to your care looks like in action when you see us practicing what we preach.

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