Stop Jaw Popping and Locking in Mount Prospect

6 Ways to Stop Jaw Locking and Popping– Jaw Doctor Explains

Why does my jaw keep locking?

Jaw pain can be tolerated for a short while but if it continues to bother you or is accompanied by other pains or annoying jaw popping and clicking sensations, it may be time to find out what is really causing the symptoms you experience.

There may be a perfectly obvious answer to all those uncomfortable feelings and even your jaw locking up but if you just can’t get it diagnosed to your satisfaction, we believe we may have a solution at the Meyer Dental Group.

Jaw pain or clicking and jaw popping sensations may have something to do with a misaligned jaw joint known as the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). A temporomandibular disorder, as a TMJ problem is called, may be treated once it has been diagnosed by a dentist who has been trained in this field of dentistry. There is no reason to experience jaw pain, clicking and popping forever.


How a bad bite can cause your jaw to suffer

Jaw pains can be caused by something called malocclusion. This is a misalignment of the teeth and jaws that results in the two sets of teeth not fitting together properly. There are many different causes but the end result is an upset jaw joint or TMJ. These joints exist on both sides of the face and allow the lower jaw to open and close.

When the jaw joint, or both jaw joints, are affected, the problem doesn’t just go away easily and in fact can affect an important nerve that runs nearby which upsets other parts of the body and causes, what appears to be, unrelated pain – for instance in the neck, back or face. TMJ sufferers may get unexplained headaches or develop tingling sensations in their hands or arms, too. The bad bite or malocclusion can be treated by a dentist and the TMJ problem causing those jaw pains may be solved.


TMJ Treatment to the rescue

Unexplained and persistent sensations like clicking or jaw popping, jaw locking up  and any jaw pain should first be assessed properly by one of our dentists. They are experienced with TMJ problems and have access to the latest technology which can analyze jaw misalignment and problems with bad bite.

Once diagnosed, there are a range of dental options which can be used in combination to treat the main cause of your jaw pain, clicking and popping.

These may include relaxation therapy with a gentle electrical stimulator and the wearing of a custom made appliance which fits inside your mouth and gradually shifts your jaw back into a more natural position.

There may be other procedures which we can use, depending on the severity of your TMJ disorder but you can be reassured to learn that your jaw pains should soon be a thing of the past.

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How to fix jaw popping?

It’s time to say goodbye to uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing sensations like jaw clicking, jaw popping and sudden locking up of the jaw. These usually painful symptoms can be treated successfully once diagnosed as being caused by a TMJ disorder.

We believe here at the Meyer Dental Group that we have the right analytical tools to map out exactly what is wrong with your jaws and teeth and put you on the road to recovery faster than you thought possible, after you have suffered from jaw pain for far too long.

Make a visit to Meyer Dental Group today and we will show you what our expertise and commitment to your care looks like in action, when you see us practicing what we preach.


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