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Professional teeth whitening vs. over the counter kits

Professional teeth whitening may seem like an unnecessary expense. These days, over the counter kits have advanced in technology and they may seem like a great way to get a white smile fast and without breaking the bank. There are lots of over the counter options available now, from gel strips to whitening rinses to whitening trays and brightening toothpaste. But what are the real differences between getting your teeth whitened professionally and using an over the counter kit?


Coverage in professional teeth whitening vs. over the counter

At-home kits are great if you need a quick fix before a big day like a wedding or having your photo taken. But keep in mind that most at-home kits many only whiten your front three teeth. This is a great alternative to traditional professional whitening services if your tooth is capped. Getting your teeth professionally whitened will still provide better coverage.

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Even though there are a few regulated products, many of the whitening strips out there are not and may be ineffective! If you are thinking of purchasing an over the counter kit, speak the Meyer Dental Group team first. They will help you find a cosmetic whitening system that will work best for your teeth.


Your teeth condition

If your gums and teeth are in impeccable condition, an over the counter kit may be a good option for you. If you have sensitive gums or teeth, it is best to speak to us to get a system that will not cause teeth irritation. Overusing a whitening kit can also result in wearing down your teeth’s enamel in the long run.



For over the counter whitening kits, there are roughly 10% less active bleaching agent than there are in a professional kit that we provide.


What is the price of teeth whitening?

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We know that custom made whitening trays may seem expensive, but let’s break it down in the long run. Many different types of over the counter kits are not as effective as you may think and will end up costing you money as you try and find one that works. A perk of a custom made dental tray is that although it may be a bit more expensive, it’s made just for your mouth!

The tray is made to order, fitting perfectly over your teeth and along your gum line. This will make sure the bleaching gel fits evenly around your teeth and stays off your gums. So even though you may be paying more, you know you will come out pearly white teeth from your whitening experience. Plus, you get to keep your custom made trays so you can touch up your teeth down the road if needed.


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It’s important to learn the difference between over the counter whitening and professional teeth whitening. You have to factor in the whitening treatment’s coverage, the effectiveness, and your teeth condition. It’s also important to think about the level of brightness you want your teeth to have and the price. Contact the Meyer Dental Group in Mount Prospect if you have any questions regarding professional teeth whitening and if it’s right for you.

You can also read more about professional teeth whitening at Meyer Dental Group here.


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We believe… brightening your teeth will make you smile more

Your teeth don’t need to look discolored! It’s no fun when your teeth start to acquire that yellowish or off white appearance. You may start to feel that it’s something that is inevitable when you get older. You might even stop opening your mouth when you are close to someone you know.

We believe that most people prefer to have lovely, white teeth and here at the Meyer Dental Group we can help you achieve a better look for your discolored teeth.

As long as the discoloration of your teeth is not due to anything more serious than staining because of food or drink or natural ageing, and your teeth are generally in healthy shape overall, then there are various teeth whitening procedures which can be used to make your teeth look more attractive.

We can discuss the options – both things you can do at home and procedures available here at the clinic – when you come for a consultation.


3 simple steps to get started


Make an


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How a professional approach can make a real difference to your teeth’s appearance

There are many commercial teeth whiteners available – most of them can be bought over the counter in a pharmacy and you may have even come across some teeth whitening home remedies which look attractive options. Teeth whitening products may take the form of gels, toothpastes, rinses, trays or even whitening strips. These teeth whitening techniques and products have varying degrees of effectiveness and you may be disappointed to find they are not always as good as you hoped they might be.

If you find that home remedies and over the counter teeth whitening products don’t really improve the appearance of your teeth to your satisfaction, it may be time to book a consultation here at the Meyer Dental Group. One of our dentists can assess your teeth and suggest cosmetic treatment which is more reliable.

We believe that the dental approach to teeth whitening can provide a longer lasting and more effective difference to your teeth’s discolored or yellowing appearance. We use teeth whitening products like Zoom gel that are not available at your local pharmacy or supermarket.

The product we use is applied to your teeth like a gel or paste that you may have bought yourself. We may then use a laser or other type of light technique to speed up the whitening effect. The Zoom gel we use is accompanied by a special light of its own, used to speed up the Zoom gel’s bleaching effect.

You should see a real difference in the color or appearance of your teeth quite quickly, although for the most effective and positive change you may need to make several visits to the dentist for a repeat treatment.


Make your yellow teeth a thing of the past

It often takes a little courage and resolve to do something about your appearance when it starts to look less appealing. The benefits to your self-esteem and self-confidence through having a beaming open smile are more than just to your teeth.

We believe that helping someone have a lovely smile helps their whole health and well-being more than they may have thought and that makes us happy, too.

Make a visit to Meyer Dental Group today and we will show you what our commitment to your best smile looks like in action when you see us practicing what we preach

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