Can Fountain of Youth Dentures Make Me Look Younger?

The prospect of wearing dentures can be worrying and even embarrassing, especially if you’re worried about how they’ll look or whether people will be able to tell you have them in. With Fountain of Youth Dentures (FOY® Dentures) we have an easy solution to this problem – you can rest assured that your new dentures will make you look good and look younger rather than older!

For older adults who have lost teeth, this can be an especially big issue, since missing teeth can make people look older than they are. With FOY® Dentures (Fountain of Youth Dentures), provided by the Meyer Dental Group in Mount Prospect IL, you can have affordable and natural-looking dentures that make any patient look decades younger than they actually are. Read on to learn more about (FOY®) Fountain of Youth Dentures and how you can benefit from their new and revolutionary concept.

What are the most common problems with traditional dentures?

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The most common comment with traditional dentures? "Low quality and high cost!" But there are more serious problems with traditional dentures. For example, some people may experience gum problems or tooth decay on their remaining teeth due to poorly made, mass-produced and ill-fitting removable dentures. For most people, buying a pair of traditional dentures is not a desirable option because they can be quite expensive (ranging from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars), and insurance typically doesn’t cover them.

Many people also worry about their dentures falling out. After experiencing such an embarrassing event, we completely understand that you don't want this to happen ever again. FOY® Dentures (Fountain of Youth Dentures) are known for their custom, comfy fit. Because the dentures are produced with very personal, individualized data, the fit is completely optimized.

What are the consequences of settling for poor-fitting dentures?

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Wearing uncomfortable, ill-fitting dentures can have adverse effects that affect your overall well-being.

  • Feeling self-conscious
  • Poor oral health
  • Facial disfiguration
  • Limited self-expression
  • Advanced aging appearance

What are the advantages of this new dentures technology?

At Meyer Dental Group, our FOY® Dentures are specifically designed to be the best in terms of aesthetics you can find. One of the many reasons is because the FOY® Dentures process is different from the way traditional dentures are made. Traditionally, dentures are hand-crafted and require very special and time-consuming skills. FOY® Fountain of Youth Dentures are created using different metrics. It's a different system that uses neuromuscular and cosmetic dentistry to achieve advantages over traditional dentures.

What are the benefits of (FOY®) Fountain of Youth Dentures?

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Fountain of Youth Dentures (FOY®) applies a Cosmetic Approach to Dentures. Our principles start from the ground up. From the very beginning, our dentures are made with the best of form and function. They’re designed to look better, function better, and feel better. Unlike traditional dentures, FOY® Dentures are customized to suit the shape of your mouth and your needs.

Along with looking much younger, part of this process helps rejuvenate your face by restoring the face's original proportions. The (FOY®) Fountain of Youth Dentures restore a balance of teeth and bones and remove many of the signs of aging like drooping neck and lines, especially under the chin.

Compared to dentures customized to a person's mouth, traditional dentures are only focused on how they look. What a typical design and cheaper materials mean is that you might not be happy with the way your smile looks once you've had dentures made.

Plus, because they are so unstable, they often come out at the wrong time, as well as have to be designed to work with the instability and moving your teeth inward toward your tongue. This can make your appearance sink-in, with age-related side effects. The FOY®'s stability lets it extend away from the jawline, eliminating the sunken appearance.

Who provides Fountain of Youth Dentures in Mount Prospect IL?

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Option 1: Informative.

Contact us: Meyer Dental Group in Mount Prospect IL, for a scheduled dentures consultation to get more information on (FOY®) Fountain of Youth Dentures and the amazing improvements they can make to your smile and overall appearance.


Option 2: Customized and Clinical

During this appointment you'll have specific photos taken, undergo a CT scan, and meet with Dr. Tom (Dr. Tom Meyer) to discuss your expectations, requirements, concerns, doubts, and questions. We will also provide you with the same package of information that you'll receive during an informational consultation.

After the initial meeting, you will be contacted for a follow-up appointment. This is when we will discuss your FOY® Dentures treatment options and discuss what your smile will look like after treatment. Exciting!

We are here to help you get the smile that fits your life and is functional, healthy, and that you love to show off with ... yes, dentures. Come in for a customized consultation to find the best dentures solutions in Mount Prospect for you.

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