3 Benefits of a Custom Snore Guard Appliance vs. an Over the Counter Anti Snoring Device

Are you looking to find a solution to stop snoring? (Or is your bed-partner looking for a solution to stop the noise … ?) Everyone knows there are cheap, temporary solutions out there that could get you through the night. But you might need something more permanent, like a custom snore-stopper that can last through years of sleep and nights of heavy snoring.

Buying an over-the-counter anti snoring device can seem like a good choice because they’re relatively inexpensive and easy to find, but please think twice. Your health may suffer as a result. There are some pretty big differences between the two types of products, so it pays to know what they are before making your decision. Here’s what to consider:

What is the difference between a custom anti-snoring device and an OTC (Over-The-Counter) snoring appliance?

The biggest difference between a custom made snoring mouth guard and an OTC snoring appliance is: You get a Mount Prospect snore guard that is going to fit you better than any other anti-snoring device on the market. So, what are some benefits of wearing a good fitting anti snoring device?

A custom made snoring guard in Mount Prospect is definitely more comfortable than many OTC options and in many cases will be easier to wear for several hours per night. Another advantage is that you and your partner can rest more soundly at night. Simply put: When you wear a custom made Mt. Prospect snore guard appliance,  your mouth doesn’t move as much at night. Fewer jaw movements means less dry mouth which equates to less tongue movements. Meaning less snoring!

What are the treatment options available for snoring?

If you suffer from snoring, your medical doctor will likely first recommend lifestyle changes to try and reduce your symptoms. You might even be prescribed special pills or inhalers to help you sleep better. Oral surgery is usually a last resort, as it could carry significant risks and multiple side effects such as nasal congestion and numbness in parts of your face.

It’s for these reasons that many doctors recommend trying an anti-snoring device first. When you are in need of a snoring solution, talk to a snoring dentist like Dr. Tom Meyer, sleep disorder dentist at Meyer Dental Group in Mount Prospect. Dr. Tom Meyer: “We believe … our snoring devices can improve your sleep AND your relationship!” 😀

Now, every anti-snoring device works by opening your airway to stop loud snores. But since every mouth has a different and unique shape, cookie-cutter snoring appliances aren't working generally going to work as well as custom-made snoring aids.

Why a customizable anti-snoring device?

There are many products on the market that claim to stop snoring, but not all stop snoring devices are created equal.

These are the THREE MAIN REASONS why it’s important to choose a customizable anti-snoring device:

1. Health
2. Comfort
3. Longevity

A customized anti-snoring device will help you get more sleep at night and live a healthier lifestyle by reducing snoring throughout your whole life. In contrast, over-the counter anti-snoring devices do not often have adjustable features and tend to be used for only short term relief from snores.

Here is how customizable snoring appliances differ from their OTC counterparts:
With most OTC stop snoring appliances, you can use them right out of the box without any adjustment whatsoever (although some might require replacement inserts). The problem with that? You may just end up stuck with something that doesn’t work for your unique mouth, teeth or jaw structure—or worse—might give you negative side effects such as jaw pain or muscle soreness from clenching during sleep. Our recommendation is always: A personalized snoring device is the best snoring device. Concerned about your Mount Prospect snore guard cost? You might pay a little bit more, but you will get a whole lot more! Like better health, more comfort, and optimal longevity.

Is there any advantage to being treated by a professional 'snoring dentist' vs. using over-the-counter anti-snoring remedies?

Over-the-counter snoring mouth pieces are basically just putting band-aids on snoring. They could work, but sometimes they can even be dangerous—especially if you have serious health problems that could cause complications if you're not careful.

If you experience excessive and chronic snoring or have been told by your doctor that you have obstructive sleep apnea (stop breathing intermittently during sleep), it is ALWAYS  imperative to be treated by a medical professional vs. using over-the-counter anti-snoring remedies.

Dr. Tom Meyer: "When it comes to preventing snoring, I think being safe is better than sorry. Please take chronic snoring serious.”

Where can I find effective snoring solutions in Mount Prospect?

Many people snore, and for those who do, there is relief for you and your bed-partner. If you or someone you love snores loudly, please contact Meyer Dental Group in Mount Prospect. We can help!

Call us at 847 827 6290 or fill out our online form to schedule your Stop Snoring Appointment today!

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