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4 Things you should know about dental sedation

If you are hesitant about visiting the dentist, you are not alone! At Meyer Dental Group, we see many patients who require additional support to reduce anxiety and pain during an appointment or procedure.

Here are four things to know about sedation dentistry in Des Plaines, IL:

1. It Can Improve Pain Management and Help Reduce Treatment Time
Are you anxious about booking an appointment in case a dental procedure is required? Fear and nervousness can work our bodies up into a heightened state of anxiety. This state can make pain management and healing more difficult. Sedation encourages your body to relax, reducing stress and allowing pain medication or pain management therapies to work properly.

2. Not Every Procedure Requires Anesthesia
Not every dental procedure requires going under or receiving numbing injections. We keep up with advancements in technology to offer non-invasive solutions. Many dental crowns can be completed in one visit, limiting the need for a separate implantation visit and anesthesia. Special laser tools allow us to catch cavities early, and many shallow cavities can be treated with an air abrasion technique. This technique does not use a drill and often requires no injections.

3. There Are Non-toxic Solutions
Many patients suffer from dental anxiety but also do not want to be put under for dental procedures. After all, many common techniques involve chemicals and toxic substances. If you want a healthy solution, there are non-toxic, holistic options available that support whole body health. To read more about sedation alternatives, read our post about Dental Anxiety and NuCalm.

4. Relaxation Techniques Can Help
Common relaxation tools and practices include massage, neck warmers, noise-cancelling headphones, and listening to music. We also encourage the use of NuCalm, a four-part relaxation system that helps reduce anxiety and how people interpret pain. All of these tools can help reduce anxiety and how pain is perceived.


Afraid of the dentist and toxic sedation techniques?

Have you ever heard about non-toxic dental sedation techniques? If you are afraid of the dentist talk to us about our whole body approach to sedation dentistry.

We limit invasiveness and the need for sedation by utilizing new technologies. We also have seen first-hand the impact a system called NuCalm has on worried patients. Stop relying on toxic sedation techniques and see how we can help reduce anxiety at your next appointment.


Finding a healthy dental sedation solution

Visiting the dentist is nerve-wracking for many individuals, even those visiting for a simple check-up. Having to undergo dental sedation in Mount Prospect can make matters worse, especially if that process involves traditional techniques and chemicals. We can help alleviate anxiety by first reducing the amount of visits that might require sedation. For example, we offer drill-less cavity removal for shallow cavities, utilizing an air abrasion technique that seldom necessitates sedation.

We also have many relaxation practices, including heated neck warmers, blankets, and a massage chair, and encourage the use of NuCalm techniques. NuCalm is a non-toxic treatment system that will facilitate oral health without harming the rest of the body. The system calms the body by counteracting adrenaline, stimulating micro-currents, calming the pace of brain waves, and blocking visual stimuli to encourage relaxation.


Putting things into practice

How well do NuCalm and our other techniques work to reduce anxiety? We work with patients every day who have pain-free office visits without the use of chemicals or other toxic substances.


For patient comfort

If you experience dental anxiety, the Meyer Dental Group can help. Patient comfort is our primary goal, and we utilize a whole body approach that supports whole body health. Contact us for more information or book an appointment today.


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