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How to find the right Family Dentist in Mt Prospect for me?

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Finding the right family dentist in Mt Prospect who aligns with your personal needs and values can be a tedious and time consuming task.  The search for the perfect fit can feel overwhelming, confusing and an all round exhausting process. There are probably several dental clinics in your area to sift through.

Your search and decision to find the right family dentist that suits you best should be an easy, clear and simple course of action.

How to select a family dentist? Which criteria are really important to you?

  • Make a list of the dental services you require for your family
  • Check vicinity and open hours
  • What about your oral and overall health standards?
  • Look into the dentist's life values
  • Check online reviews

When family comes first for you, you want your dentist to hold that philosophy in their practice. Whether you call it your community, tribe, or circle, you know that finding and surrounding yourself amongst those who share the same life values are important... and choosing your dental group shouldn't be any different.

When you align with those who have the same philosophy and morals as yourself, you can fully partake in trusting and knowing that you are being taken care of in the way you deserve.

An example of how we care for your health? - Dr. Tom Meyer: "One of the health problems that I see patients shrug off is excessive dry mouth, medically known as xerostomia. We diagnose, then treat the symptoms, and we get rid of the cause. Because we understand that something as "common" as a dry mouth, can have way more serious implications."


Practicing what we preach

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Solid experience and strong family values at Meyer dental Group.


We believe ... that we have the most friendly Family Dentistry team!

At our Mount Prospect dentist office, we believe that today's dentistry has the potential to contribute to your overall health. Though we don't claim that our practice operates as a holistic dental clinic, dentist Dr. Tom Meyer looks at oral health as a bigger picture.

When dental problems are spotted early on, treatment is more likely to be simpler, more affordable and less painful.

Great dental care can help you feel better, look better, talk better, sleep better and even move better.


Drop by and meet with us. Walk-ins welcome! We'd love to be your Family Dentist in beautiful Mount Prospect.


3 simple steps to get started


Make an


healthy dentistry


Look, feel,
and live better


Why settle for less?

  • Don't hesitate to be part of a wonderful community
  • The best investment, is the investment in yourself
  • Connect with a dental clinic who shares your values
  • Get rid of doubt about your family dentist
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Choose a dental practice that aligns with your values:

  • Find clarity about family dentistry
  • Experience simplicity and clear pricing
  • Let us embrace you in our community
  • We practice what we preach
  • Have a great, happy smile!
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