Integrative dentistry could be the solution

At the end of the day, most of us want to achieve the healthiest and strongest version of ourselves to enjoy a more fulfilling quality of life. In the process of achieving that, you may be seeking a holistic dentist Chicago who uncovers and treats your health problems at the root cause — rather than just dealing with the symptoms or disguising pain as it presents.

As all systems of the body are inherently interconnected, treating only the symptom without deeper investigation can lead to band-aids fixes. These fixes are typically quite costly and neglect the other forces contributing to your issue. 

A lack of accessibility and knowledge about holistic dentistry as an integrative dental approach may prevent you from achieving the optimal health and wellbeing you desire. At Meyer Dental Group, we believe that seeking a holistic dentist Chicago should not be frustrating, disappointing and misleading.

How can Meyer Dental Group help?

In your pursuit of a better quality of life, you deserve assistance from Dr. Tom Meyer who: 

  1. Has 30+ years of dental experience, including dental implant/dentures solutions
  2. Is a Member of the International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics
  3. Is a Member of the American Dental Society 

What is holistic dentistry / integrative dentistry, exactly?

The term “holistic” can often imply the use of all-natural, non-invasive approaches to curing pain and health problems. However, this is not entirely accurate — and nor is it typically credible or safe. 

Confusion around this topic might deter you from seeking integrative approaches that can drastically help solve a multitude of your overall health struggles. 

According to the Oxford English dictionary, the term holistic means: “Characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.”

Within dentistry, the word holistic can encompass the use of safe and effective tools and materials to address problems patients may be experiencing in relation to their different oral health systems — all of which ultimately affect each other. 

For example, if you’re struggling with temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), you likely have a misaligned jaw and/or you are grinding your teeth at night, wearing down on the jaw joint. 

The wear and tear of this can also cause damage to the health and strength of your teeth, cause muscle soreness and pain in your body and as well as debilitating headaches. The jaw pain you’re suffering from TMJ is not mutually exclusive from other oral health problems — these connections are taken into account by an integrative or holistic dentistry approach.

Don’t let uncertainty prevent you from optimal health. Click here.

Starting your journey towards greater health is only 3 steps away:

STEP 1: Meet our welcoming team

STEP 2: Find helpful, in-depth solutions 

STEP 3: Enjoy a more sustainable, improved quality of life

Meyer Dental Group can help heal your overall systemic health by:

  • Taking a gentle and proactive approach to your oral health
  • Assessing the function of your dental health as a whole
  • Listening to the story of your struggles with full intention 
  • Investigating the relationships between your mouth and body’s health 
  • Treating the cause, not masking the symptom

Find integrative/holistic dentist Chicago solutions in our New Patient Exam

Our New Patient Experience is a comprehensive exam that takes an affordable, accessible and in-depth dive into your overall holistic health. For only $175, Dr. Tom takes a personalized approach to understanding your dental health and how it is impacting your overall quality of life. Click here.

Consequences of not taking an integrative/holistic dentistry approach:

Sometimes, we just want our pain and the problems to go away in an instant. Don’t settle for the quick, cheaper fix. While this may be more convenient in the short-term, it can only create more expensive and intensive dental work down the road. Instead: 

  • Stop feeling confused
  • End the uncertainty 
  • Don’t settle for second best 
  • Prevent skewed expectations
  • Avoid expensive future dental work

Live life more fully with integrative solutions

  • Feel confident in your decisions 
  • Gain greater health knowledge
  • Solve the root cause of your issues
  • Pursue a happier quality of life 
  • Choose a long-term, affordable solution

You are in complete control of achieving the health and quality of life that you want to have. Don’t let confusion, uncertainty and a discrepancy in expectations about integrative/holistic dentistry approaches deter you from greater overall systemic health. 

Instead, become an active participant in your journey towards a life with less pain, better understanding and reduced struggle. Exchange that for greater energy and the ability to be more present with others and with yourself due to improved health with integrative dentistry solutions.

Dr. Tom Meyer and the Meyer Dental Group team look forward to helping you achieve the best version of yourself. Click here to book an appointment. 


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