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holistic dentist mt prospect

Holistic Dentist Mount Prospect

What is a whole body approach to dentistry?

whole body dentistry mt prospect

At the Meyer Dental Group, we believe that wholebody dentistry is the heart of understanding the entire body. Your mouth health affects the whole body and impacts your overall health, and that's why the living philosophy of the Meyer Dental Group is that your dental experience should be a (w)holistic one that benefits your entire health.

Every dental office differs in their approach to treatments. Our dental office will provide you with all of the same services that you can expect to get from a traditional dental office, such as fillings and crowns, root canal therapy, regular teeth cleanings, and gum disease treatment. We combine conventional treatment methods while also taking into consideration the whole body because we believe a blended approach will achieve better results. Understanding that separating the mouth from the body does not make sense if the body is a whole, and we consider the wellness of the entire patient in their and medical history, listening to their lifestyle, perspective, and choices in order to make the most informed decision for their dental care.

Finding the right dentist for you in Mount Prospect who aligns with your personal needs and values can be a tedious and time consuming task.  The search for the perfect fit can feel overwhelming, confusing and an all round exhausting process. There are probably several dental clinics in your area to sift through and a great way to get started is to ask yourself some questions.

  • Is this dental practice concerned with my overall health?
  • Does the dentist have credible knowledge, experience and is trustworthy?
  • What is the philosophy of the dental practice with regards to dentistry?
  • Is Dr. Tom Meyer at Meyer Dental Group a 'Holistic Dentist' in Mount Prospect?

We do NOT call ourselves a holistic dental clinic in Mount Prospect. We rather use the terminology: Whole Body Dentistry, or Integrative Dentistry. It reflects our philosophy, methodology, and treatments in a more accurate way. Nevertheless, your search and decision to find the right integrative, biological, natural, whole body, or holistic dentist that suits you best should be an easy, clear and simple course of action. Why? You only need to know one thing: Besides taking care of your teeth, and oral health, we always have your OVERALL HEALTH in mind - first. Contact us today for a whole body dentistry appointment.


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What can I expect during my first visit?

whole body dentist mt prospect

Upon walking into the Meyer Dental Group, you will be greeted and helped by our friendly staff! At your first appointment, you will receive a thorough examination of your oral and overall health as well as discuss your goals for that visit.  Dr. Tom Meyer will take the time to ask you specific questions regarding your overall health, habits, and medical history so that we can develop a better understanding of your entire health journey.

Bringing any relevant medical records or other documentation to your appointment can help us do this. We make sure that approach to all of your dental experiences at Meyer Dental Group continue like this for all of your future treatments and appointments with us!

Looking for a holistic dentist in Mount Prospect?

At Meyer Dental Group, your oral health is connected to your overall health.


Discover more about integrative dentistry

  • Learn how your oral health is connected to your overall health
  • The best investment, is an investment in yourself
  • Connect with a dental clinic who shares your health values
  • Forget about "One fits All" dentistry
  • Avoid wasting time in finding the treatment that you desire
holistic dentist mount prospect

Choose a dentist who cares about your overall health as well

  • Find clarity about Holistic Dentistry
  • Experience our Integrative Dentistry approach
  • Let us embrace you in our community
  • Improve your oral health AND overall health
  • Live your best life!
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holistic dentist mount prospect
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