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unexplained headaches and migraines could be related to your jaw and teeth

Most headaches tend to be temporary and can be treated with a mild painkiller such as Aspirin. If a headache or migraine doesn’t go away and it is not related to an ongoing health concern like a cold or the flu, it should be a concern.

Your own doctor may be able to diagnose why you are having persistent headaches or migraines and suggest a treatment. If this still doesn’t work, it could be related to your jaw and teeth.

Problems with the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ for short, have an uncanny knack of causing symptoms like sinus headaches that seem to be unrelated and may be difficult to diagnose.

Problems with the TMJ can be dealt with by using dental treatments here at the Meyer Dental Group; we have a variety of solutions to TMJ problems that will help to address the root cause and deal more effectively with that nagging headache.

How unexplained pains like headaches and migraines can be TMJ related

The temporomandibular joint is one of the most important joints in the facial region and is intimately related to the teeth and anything that goes wrong with them. Even anxiety could be a serious cause of TMJ. The joint allows the jaws to move up and down so is used to help us talk, eat, drink and bite on something. If there has been anything to throw the joint out of alignment, even just a little, it can lead to a number of unrelated chronic symptoms, which can be painful and hard to treat in isolation.

We believe at the Meyer Dental Group that it is always better to solve the root cause of a pain rather than continue to treat the symptoms so we urge those with a persistent headache and other pains such as in the neck or back region to see one of our dentists to find out if the jaw joint is to blame. We can then work on a package of treatment options which should see the end of your TMJ problem and banish those headaches too!


Solving a persistent headache or migraine the dental way

Once the TMJ has been positively identified as the culprit in the headache mystery, we can discuss treatment options that will work. We have state of the art analytical and TMJ treatment technology at the Meyer Dental Group and can put together a number of procedures which may return your TMJ to a normal working condition and relieve the associated pains, wherever they have developed.

This may include a mild stimulation of the jaw muscles, the use of an orthotic device or splint to reposition your jaw gently and possibly the realignment of any teeth that have become badly positioned and prevent you from being able to bite properly.


Say goodbye to unwanted TMJ headaches and migraines

There can be few things worse in life than feeling you have to endure pain without knowing what to do about it to stop it.

There is a limit to how many pills and tablets you can take and you can’t lie down forever waiting for a headache to go away.

It is reassuring to know that unexplained TMJ headaches and migraines may have an identifiable cause and there may be a treatment option right here at the Meyer Dental Group.

Make a visit to Meyer Dental Group today and we will show you what our expertise and commitment to your care looks like in action when you see us practicing what we preach.

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