24 October 2023

Discover Fountain of Youth Dentures®

Dr. Tom Meyer, Dentures Provider at Meyer Dental Group, Mount Prospect:
"How many of us have watched the years tick by, noticing the changes age brings to our faces? The lines that didn’t used to be there, the subtly sinking cheeks, the less pronounced jawline. What if there was a way to roll back the clock? For those in need of dentures, the promise of a younger, more vibrant smile isn’t just a dream—it’s a reality with Fountain of Youth dentures® as provided at Meyer Dental Group in Mount Prospect."

The Common Shortcomings of Traditional Dentures


It's no secret that many who opt for traditional dentures find themselves disappointed. While these dentures replace missing teeth, they often fail to deliver on the appearance, comfort, and functionality individuals expect. They might feel insecure when speaking or eating, appear bulky, and—perhaps most distressingly—can accentuate signs of aging, making one appear older than they truly are. Moreover, they often don't take into consideration the natural shape of one's face, leading to a less-than-ideal fit and appearance.

Why Choose Fountain of Youth Dentures?

Fountain of Youth Dentures® aren’t just another set of dentures. It's a revolutionary approach to dental restoration. These dentures are crafted with the individual's unique facial structure in mind, ensuring they complement the face perfectly, making the wearer look their age or even years younger.

As we age, the loss of teeth and subsequent bone recession can lead to sagging skin and facial muscles, resulting in wrinkles around the mouth, sunken cheeks, and the dreaded 'turkey neck'. Traditional dentures, while replacing teeth, don’t restore the youthful fullness and structure of the face. This is where our Fountain of Youth Dentures shine. They replace not just the teeth but also restore the lost bone structure of the jaw, reviving your facial appearance.

Furthermore, our FOY® dentures are designed to avoid pressure on certain areas of the jaw, minimizing the rate of bone loss—a typical issue with traditional dentures. As an added advantage, they offer optimal comfort, ensuring they don’t cause pain or discomfort to the jaw or gums.

Traditional Dentures vs The FOY® Dentures at Meyer Dental Group Mount Prospect

Many wearers of traditional dentures lament their instability. This instability isn’t just a nuisance; it's a consequence of their design. Traditional dentures sit directly on the jawbone, aiming for stability. However, as the jawbone recedes over time, these dentures shrink with it, compromising both function and appearance.

In contrast, our FOY® dentures are engineered to sit over both the jawbone and muscles, preventing the shrinking effect.  Wearers will experience a youthful, full face and captivating smile.

Experience The Meyer Dental Group Difference

At Meyer Dental Group in Mount Prospect, we’re at the forefront of offering this transformative dental solution. Our unique approach ensures dentures that not only fit better but also restore the youthful proportions of the face, potentially rejuvenating one's appearance by decades. For those seeking even enhanced longevity and functionality, these dentures can be adapted into long-lasting implant dentures.

Dr. Tom Meyer, Dentures Provider at Meyer Dental Group, Mount Prospect:

"Dare to discover Fountain of Youth Dentures®! If you consider traditional dentures and feel repelled by their typical look or function, know that there's a superior option available for you. With Fountain of Youth Dentures®, you're not just choosing a dental solution; you are opting for a return to the confidence and vibrancy of youth. Allow Meyer Dental Group to guide you towards a smile that reflects the youthful spirit you still hold within."

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