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Chronic pain can be unbearable and it is not always easy to diagnose. Many people come to us at the Meyer Dental Group with symptoms of TMJ disorder – a malfunction of the temporomandibular joint – the main jaw joint.

They have found that their pains and other symptoms experienced may not have been accurately diagnosed by their physician and have been prescribed painkillers and sedatives that do not get rid of the root cause of their problem.

TMJ treatment does depend on a positive TMJ diagnosis but often it is better to turn to a dentist for this as the joint is intimately related to the position of the jawbones and teeth. We can devise a method of treating TMJ pain once a diagnosis has confirmed that your jaw joints are the root cause of your symptoms.


What can cause TMJ disorder?

Some TMJ dysfunction is a result of a blow to the jaw or head during an accident or sports injury. It can also be caused by bruxism – teeth grinding – which some people tend to do unconsciously at night, sometimes because they find it hard to sleep. There are also possible reasons for a TMJ problem when the teeth have become shifted in position as a result of a dental procedure, e.g. to replace missing teeth or correct crooked or damaged teeth.

Whatever the reason for the problems in the jaw joint, your dentist should be able to diagnose the relationship and suggest methods for alleviating the pain by tackling the misalignment that has resulted in the jaw. Here at the Meyer Dental Group, our TMJ treatment makes use of sophisticated electronic mapping technology that pinpoints the jaw misalignment, allowing us to deal with it more effectively.


The TMJ dentist to the rescue

You may be surprised that a dentist can help alleviate pains in seemingly unrelated parts of the body such as the neck and back, as well as headaches and dizzy spells, but if these are caused by a misaligned temporomandibular joint, then the dentist is well placed both to diagnose and treat the problem.

We have access here at the Meyer Dental Group to a device (the TENS machine) that cleverly helps to relax four parts of the body simultaneously with a gentle massage of the muscles affected by pain.

Although this does not by itself get rid of the TMJ problem, it helps the dentist to focus better on the misalignment and does provide some immediate relief for the patient.

Further treatment may include the fitting of a custom-made orthotic mouthpiece designed to shift the misaligned jaw gently back into place over time. We may also suggest further dental work on some of your teeth if it is found that some of them may be contributing to the problem.


Aiming to regain your life

With a positive diagnosis of TMJ disorder treatment may be possible. TMJ symptoms can be both painful and worrying and can affect your overall physical and emotional health as well as the impact on your partner, family, and close friends.

It’s time to regain a happy life and get treatment for TMJ related problems that tackles the underlying causes and not just the symptoms.

Make a visit to Meyer Dental Group today and we will show you what our expertise and commitment to your care looks like in action when you see us practicing what we preach.

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We believe…you can live without TMJ pain

Living in pain is not living at all

Find a natural and permanent fix to TMJ disorder. Start with a consultation with TMJ doctor, Dr. Tom Meyer.

Not sure where to start? Come in for a consultation.


Option 1:

Visit our office for a 20-minute meet-and-greet where you can see the office, meet Dr. Meyer and hear a little about how we treat patients who suffer from TMJ pain.

This exam is done in our consultation room and is not specific to the patient, but it allows you to become familiar with our office, our team, and our TMJ therapy

There is no fee for this visit.


Option 2:

This appointment will be about 60-90 minutes long, done in an exam operatory, where Dr. Meyer will do muscle testing as well as a cranio-nerve test. We will also be taking a few photos for consultation and documentation purposes. Then Dr. Meyer will find out more specifics on your history to better find out if/how he can help you find relief to the symptoms you are having related to TMJ dysfunction.

The fee for this visit is $225.

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