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At Meyer Dental Group (Dr. Tom Meyer, dentist Mount Prospect), we believe that today’s dentists have the potential to contribute to your overall health. Without claiming that our practice operates as a holistic dental clinic, dentist Dr. Tom Meyer looks at oral health as a bigger picture. Great dental care can make you feel better, look better, talk better, sleep better and even move better. We are always accepting new patients.

Our “bigger picture” dental care package includes preventative, restorative, cosmetic, orthodontics, neuromuscular (TMJ) and sleep disorder dentistry. We’ve helped hundreds of people live a better life through our whole body approach.

As your dentist and dental professionals, we know that when dental problems are spotted early on, treatment is more likely to be simpler, more affordable and less painful. Meyer Dental Group proudly serves Mount Prospect and Chicago area.

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At our Mount Prospect dental clinic, we provide a case-specific approach to help patients find relief from dental concerns and pain. Besides offering general and cosmetic dental care, we provide TMJ disorder treatments for migraines, jaw, facial and sinus pain. Dr. Meyer also treats snoring and sleep apnea.

Schedule an appointment today with dentist Mount Prospect, Dr. Tom Meyer. Discover how the Meyer Dental Group can make you feel, look, and sleep better.danforth toronto dentist dentist in danforth toronto
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Meyer Dental Group is always accepting new patients. You will receive $75 off your Adult New Patient Experience when you refer to this website at our office.

Your child will also receive $50 off your their new patient experience. This special offer provides you with a $50 professional courtesy towards a dental cleaning, X-rays, fluoride treatment, and exam.

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Dentist Des Plaines IL, Dr. Tom Meyer provides family dental care.

Now offering dentures with the best fit

Fountain of Youth® Dentures

Dentist Des Plaines IL, Dr. Tom Meyer provides family dental care.

In addition to being a cosmetic and TMJ dentist, Dr. Meyer is also a Fountain of Youth® dentures dentist.

Fountain of Youth® Dentures are better than traditional dentures. As your denture alternative or as implant dentures, they offer a high level of comfort, confidence, and customization.

Learn how you feel, eat, and smile better.

More on Fountain of Youth®

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Megan has been seeing dentist Des Plaines IL, Dr. Tom Meyer since she was a child.

I’ve always been insecure about my smile and Dr. Tom completely changed my life with the amazing job enhancing my smile: from teeth whitening to cosmetic procedures. Everything he offers is the best – top of the line – I trust him. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Christina, Smile Makeover patient comment on dentist in Mount Prospect, Dr. Tom Meyer's cosmetic dental work

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Are you always snoring, suffering from lack of sleep or what could be sleep apnea?


Dentist Des Plaines IL, Dr. Tom Meyer offers veneers.

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