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Dental solutions to TMJ pain

3 dental solutions to TMJ pain

Headaches and other pain caused by temporomandibular joint disorder can be continuous until the source of the problem is treated. TMJ pain can be felt anywhere in your head, your face and sometimes even in other parts of your body. There are several dental solutions for TMJ that can ease your pain and may even keep it from recurring.

1. Relieving pain with muscle relaxation

Stressed muscles in your jaw and your neck are a primary cause of the pain associated with TMJ disorder. Relaxing the muscles can help to alleviate pain. You can relax your muscles by making an effort to avoid clenching your teeth or by performing simple exercises to relax your facial muscles.

An effective in-office treatment for TMJ pain is the use of a TENS machine that uses gentle electrical stimulation to relax your muscles. TMJ treatment that involves muscle relaxation can temporarily relieve pain, but other treatment may be necessary to solve the underlying problem that is causing the pain.

2. Orthotics

A dental orthotic is a device that fits over your teeth and gently positions your teeth and your jaws for optimum relaxation. TMJ orthotics are one of the most commonly used treatments for the symptoms of TMJ disorder. An orthotic is custom fitted to you so it is comfortable and effective.

3. Full mouth reconstruction

Sometimes the cause of TMJ disorder is a bad bite or misaligned teeth. Missing teeth and other dental problems can also cause your jaws to work improperly and cause symptoms of TMJ disorder.

Dental restorations to replace missing teeth, straighten your teeth or align your bite can eliminate a primary cause of TMJ and may provide relief from TMJ pain and symptoms more effectively than other methods of treatment.

A full mouth reconstruction can consist of any number of dental restorations or treatments necessary to align your bite and improve the structure and function of your teeth.


Get help for your pain

TMJ pain can have a detrimental effect on your concentration, your sleep, your job and your entire outlook on life. You don’t have to live with chronic pain. Contact Des Plaines dentist Dr. Meyer to schedule a consultation to talk about TMJ treatment. We can perform an exam and diagnostic tests to determine if you have TMJ disorder and offer solutions to improve your jaw function and ease your pain.


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