The Most Asked Questions About Fountain of Youth (FOY) ® Dentures - Answered by Meyer Dental Group in Mount Prospect

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Do you provide dentures in Mount Prospect? We receive this question from our patients on a regular basis. Below you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions about the dentures we recommend: Fountain of Youth (FOY) ® Dentures: What is the difference really? Do I need implants? Will they be more stable? How will they make me look younger? Are Fountain of Youth (FOY) Dentures the best long term choice? And of course ... Are Fountain of Youth (FOY) ® Dentures more expensive?
Dr. Tom Meyer, dentures provider in Mount Prospect: "Most people who already wear dentures actually hate the way their dentures look and feel. When they need new dentures, they want to know for sure that the next ones are better. Getting high quality dentures doesn't need to be a burdensome process. Our team can answer all of your questions, as well as help you find out what kind of dentures may be right for you."

Below are the answers to the most asked questions around our Fountain of Youth (FOY) Dentures dentures.

What is the difference between Fountain of Youth (FOY) Dentures and traditional dentures?

Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth. Traditional dentures can be made from a variety of materials such as plastic, porcelain or metal, with cost and fit varying based on the type of denture selected. It's important to understand the different types of dentures before making a decision in regards to what Meyer Dental Group recommends: Fountain of Youth (FOY) ® Dentures.
When considering Fountain of Youth (FOY) ® Dentures, Meyer Dental Group offers a unique service, providing
  • a description of how your personalized Fountain of Youth (FOY) Dentures are created
  • a variety of Fountain of Youth (FOY) ® Dentures options that will best suit your needs
  • a CBCT Scan / Xray to determine optimal treatment
  • clinical intra-oral and extra-oral photos for treatment planning
  • a treatment plan package when you want to proceed with treatment 
This highly personalized process results in dentures that look, feel, and function better than traditional dentures.

I already have dentures but I do not like the way they look and feel... Why are Fountain of Youth (FOY) ® Dentures better?

Traditional dentures have garnered a bad reputation for being uncomfortable, ill-fitting, causing eating problems, and a headache to clean. They are also known to limit what you can eat — yeah, say good-bye to steak ... Fountain of Youth (FOY) ® Dentures can improve your quality of life! They are designed with breakthrough neuromuscular technology that can:
  • Better fit your unique mouth shape 
  • Support your face for a more youthful appearance 
  • Prevent facial pain and discomfort 
  • Allow you to eat, laugh, sing and smile without worry 
  • Give you a full, beautiful smile 
  • Come in floating and dental implant options
On top of that: All of these factors can help contribute to greater whole-body health
This amazing breakthrough in denture technology with Fountain of Youth (FOY) Dentures (view video) will not only improve the fit and function of your dentures, it will also help make you look younger by supporting your face like your natural teeth, reducing lines and wrinkles across your face.

What does a Fountain of Youth (FOY) ® Dentures consultation look like?

Basically, we provide you with two options:
1. An Informational Consultation
Visit our office for a 20 minute scheduled consultation appointment. Our team will provide you with complimentary information on Fountain of Youth (FOY) ® Dentures and how they can enhance your smile. No commitments or obligations attached. Take your time to discuss and consider all the benefits of these quality dentures. No pressure!
2. Customized and Clinical Consultation
Visit our office for a complimentary 60 minute appointment spent taking photos, a CT Scan and clinical evaluation by Dr. Meyer. You will also receive the same thorough information package provided in our informational consultation. Follow-up appointments are scheduled for one week later. This where we will discuss personalized treatment options with you and show you photo imaging of how Fountain of Youth (FOY) Dentures can change your smile! 

These will be my first dentures ... Are Fountain of Youth (FOY) ® Dentures the best long term choice?

When choosing Fountain of Youth (FOY) Dentures, you can:
  • Boost your self-esteem
  • Enjoy all your favourite foods!
  • Enhance your appearance
  • Express yourself with pride
  • Save money on future dental work
It is within your reach to achieve a more functional smile and greater systemic health. Don't hesitate to put in place the plan to improve your smile, your bite, your look, and quality of life.
Dr. Tom Meyer at Meyer Dental Group: "Please keep in mind, we are here to help you achieve a healthy, functional smile that fits with your lifestyle. Our comprehensive consultation process will ensure the best results possible, for the best price possible. Be truly present for life's meaningful moments — without worrying about your dentures sliding around or popping out. With these new, advanced Fountain of Youth (FOY) ® Dentures, you can achieve the lifestyle you wantMake an appointment today to enjoy life in new, invigorating ways!”

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