Are Fountain of Youth Dentures Better Than Traditional Dentures?

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Fountain of Youth Dentures® are different than traditional dentures

FOY® dentures are designed to work with the muscles and structure of your jaw, face, and neck rather than just being a foreign object in your mouth. Traditional dentures are shaped by the dentist, which could be a good thing—or not if your dentist isn’t an experienced denture dentist. That’s why many people get uncomfortable dentures that don’t fit the proportions of their faces.

Dr. Tom Meyer, Dentures Dentist at Meyer Dental Group, Mount Prospect:
"FOY® dentures are truly different. Instead of simply sitting on your gums and replacing the look of teeth, they’re made to move with your mouth and replace the function and harmony of your teeth. All FOY® denture dentists are trained in crafting these neuromuscular dentures. When you choose a FOY denture dentist, you know you’re getting a trained and skilled denture dentist."

When it comes to FOY® dentures vs. traditional dentures, there are two main differences: FOY® dentures are made with a neuromuscular (health & function) and cosmetic (appearance) focus.

What are neuromuscular dentures?

Neuromuscular dentistry is a focus that takes into account more than just your teeth. Instead, the dentist focuses on your teeth, muscles, and joints as an interconnected system. Each one affects the other, and having dentures that replace and work with these three components is important for your dentures’ function, health, and appearance.

The FOY® denture process includes dynamic impressions of your muscles because your dentures are designed to function even in movement. Your dentures will ensure that while you’re talking, eating, laughing, and smiling, your muscles, joints, and dentures work in harmony. For you, this means no sore gums, headaches, or neck pain. It also means your dentures will stay in place while you move your mouth to eat and talk, and your dentures distribute the force of chewing evening along your jawbone.

The roots of your natural teeth had a purpose other than holding your teeth in place. They also stimulate your jawbone. When there is no stimulation, your jawbone starts to shrink from not being used. This creates cosmetic problems and shrinks the proportions of your face making it hard to talk and eat. If you are considering switching to Fountain of Youth dentures after wearing traditional dentures for years, you’ve likely lost some of the height of your face. These neuromuscular dentures restore the full height of your teeth and gums and allow your body to work in harmony once again. FOY® dentures don’t only restore your teeth; they restore wellness

What are cosmetic dentures?

Traditional dentures restore the “look” of teeth without much function, but their appearance isn’t top-notch either. For FOY® dentures, the appearance of your teeth is a primary concern. That’s why Dr. Tom Meyer, at Meyer Dental Group, studied the principles of facial proportions and beauty. He understands that to feel good, you have to look good, and your teeth and the proportions of your face play a significant role.

FOY® dentures restore the full height of your teeth and gums even after your jawbone has degraded due to not being stimulated. Because of this, you can enjoy a full, youthful face and avoid:

  • Thin lips
  • Sunken cheeks
  • Wrinkles around the mouth
  • Fold between the lips and chin
  • Jowls
  • Turkey neck and double chin

Many people view FOY® dentures as a non-surgical facelift because they do so much to restore your youthful appearance. Fountain of Youth Dentures is the best denture in Mount Prospect money can buy.

FOY® denture dentists also know that not everyone is the same. Your face doesn’t look the same as someone else’s, so each denture is custom to each individual. Instead of looking like an entirely new person after getting dentures, you’ll recognize yourself again. You’ll look in the mirror, and staring back at you will be the old you, you’ve been missing.

FOY® dentures are also made of a different material than traditional dentures. The teeth on FOY® dentures are made of an advanced ceramic material that mimics the brightness and luster of natural teeth. They’re stain, odor, and wear-resistant, and the gums look like natural gum tissue.

FOY® Dentures Make You Look Younger

Losing your teeth isn’t just about how your teeth look; it changes the proportions of your face. Without the roots of natural teeth to stimulate your jawbone, it begins to recede, and your once youthful face looks sunken and old with a shorter bottom third of your face and wrinkles that wouldn’t otherwise be there. Fountain of Youth Dentures restores your face’s youthful proportions through neuromuscular dentures.

With even pressure along your jaw and gums, you’ll have better-fitting dentures. Your jaw muscles and facial muscles will function better and, in turn, provide facial support for younger and more beautiful aesthetics.
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Dr. Tom Meyer, Dentures Dentist at Meyer Dental Group, Mount Prospect:
"Do you have traditional dentures and are unhappy with how you look and how they perform? You aren’t alone. Many people choose traditional dentures only to find that they aren’t all they were chalked up to be. They can be loose-fitting, look bulky, and they don’t allow you to eat your favorite foods. What’s worse, traditional dentures make you look older than you are. The Denture Fountain of Youth can help. Our dentures are designed with your face shape in mind, and they help you look your age—or even younger!"

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