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Have you been using CPAP on a regular basis to help with a sleeping problem? Do you find it uncomfortable and are wondering whether there are any other effective alternatives?

While CPAP is a very effective apparatus for anyone who has had trouble sleeping regularly, especially for someone who has been diagnosed with a more severe disorder like sleep apnea, it can be noisy and uncomfortable and it is reassuring to know that alternatives do exist.

We can suggest less burdensome appliances which can help to keep your airways open and give you a better night’s sleep.


The problem with CPAP

CPAP is usually prescribed for people who suffer from disturbed sleep, especially those with sleep apnea. This condition momentarily involves a blockage of the airways when someone is asleep. The person typically wakes up with a jolt and then goes back to sleep again, but the whole cycle continues to repeat itself time and time again, making it a very tiring experience. The blockage is usually caused by the tongue falling backwards and blocking the flow of air into the windpipe.

CPAP machines basically force air into the lungs using an appliance that fits like a mask over the mouth and nose. Although the airflow is maintained while the machine is being used, only a minority of CPAP users end up continuing with it because of the comfort factor and noise level. Because the problem is related to the position of the tongue inside the mouth, dentists are able to provide an alternative device which helps to prevent airflow blockage in a less invasive way.


How dental appliances can help you get some regular sleep

Because the problem with sleep disorders lies with the position of the tongue, we can design a custom fitted appliance or mouthguard that is worn at night when you want to go to sleep.

The mouthguard basically pushes your tongue forward so that it cannot fall back and block the entrance to the windpipe. This type of mouthguard is quite comfortable to wear and only needs to be put in place just before you go to sleep.

It not only helps sleep apnea sufferers but it can help to prevent excessive snoring, too.


Is it time to try something new?

If you have felt that you have been trapped between not getting enough sleep because of a sleep disorder and not getting enough sleep because of a noisy, uncomfortable machine it may be time to make a visit to one of our dentists at the Meyer Dental Group.

We believe that we should be able to help you to get relief from your lack of sleep with a comfortable alternative.

Make a visit to Meyer Dental Group today and we will show you what our commitment to your sleep and your health looks like in action when you see us practicing what we preach.

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