Which dentures are right for me in Mount Prospect

Are Dentures Right For Me?

the right dentures mount prospect

Finding the right set of dentures can be a challenging process. You may have had previously poor experiences with ill-fitting, uncomfortable, and unstable dentures that become more of a hindrance to your life than a benefit. To add an extra layer of frustration, the cost of dentures in Chicago can be incredibly high and inaccessible.

Getting dentures should not be uncomfortable, confusing, and excessively expensive. At Meyer Dental Group, we believe this process should be enjoyable, positive, and affordable with Fountain of Youth Dentures (FOY)®.


How can Meyer Dental Group help?

Gain support confidence and support from Mount Prospect dentist Dr. Tom Meyer who:

  • Has 25+ years of dental experience, including FOY® Denture solutions
  • Is a Graduate of the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Cosmetic Dental Studies
  • Is a Member of the American Dental Society

Dr. Tom Meyer has enjoyed practicing dentistry in the Chicago area since 1993. He proudly continues to provide excellent care to the community as his father did the generation before him. With over 25 years experience as a dentist, he treats patients using the most cutting edge technology for diagnosis and treatments.


What are (FOY) Fountain of Youth dentures®?

This amazing breakthrough in denture technology not only improves the fit and function of your dentures, it also helps make you look younger by supporting your face like your natural teeth; reducing lines and wrinkles across your face.


How Foundation of Youth Dentures® boost your quality of life:

Traditional dentures have garnered a bad reputation for being uncomfortable, ill-fitting and a headache to clean. They are also known to limit what you can eat — say good-bye to some of your favorite foods!

FOY® Dentures are designed with breakthrough neuromuscular technology that provides the following benefits:

Better fits your unique mouth shape
Supports your face for a more youthful appearance
Prevents facial pain and discomfort
Allows you to eat, laugh, sing and smile without worry
Gives you a full, beautiful smile
Come both in floating and dental implant options


Let’s get started in 3 easy steps!

  1. Let’s meet! Book an appointment with us today!
  2. Experience valuable dentures!
  3. Look, feel, live better!


Why settle for less?

  • Feeling self-conscious
  • Poor oral health
  • Facial disfiguration
  • Limited self-expression
  • Advanced aging appearance


Choose healthy dentistry!

  • Boost your self-esteem
  • Save money on future dental work
  • Enhance your appearance
  • Express yourself with pride
  • Enjoy all your favorite foods!


Trust Meyer Dental Group to give you valuable, easy, and safe denture options!

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