Dentist Mount Prospect: "Considering to replace missing teeth?" Compare the different types of tooth replacement.

Dr. Tom Meyer, Implants Dentist Mount Prospect: We hear this question all the time:
"How do dental implants compare with other types of tooth replacement?"

Let's explore the options:
1. Implant-supported bridge
When replacing multiple missing teeth, an implant-supported bridge is supported only by dental implants at both ends.
2. Tooth-supported bridge
A tooth-supported bridge uses your existing teeth to support the bridge, rather than requiring two implants.
3. Removable partial dentures
Patients with a few missing teeth are often recommended removable partial dentures as a simpler alternative to complete dentures. 
4. Flipper
A flipper is a temporary partial denture which has the ability to flip in and out of its position. This option is not dependent on any surrounding teeth.
5. Dental implant
Dental implants are by far the best tooth replacements because they provide stability, durability and natural-looking teeth. Patients often mention that dental implants feel like real teeth as well.
Are you looking for options to replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth? Contact Meyer Dental Group in Mount Prospect to learn more.

What exactly is the dental implants process?

You have a lot to think about when you are deciding on dental implantsWhat can dental implants do that other types of tooth replacement cannot? Do you have a dental insurance provider who covers dental implants? And if not, how will it affect your budget? These are all important things to consider when choosing what type of tooth replacement is best for you.
A process called Osseointegration is what makes the dental implants process different from other types of tooth replacements. With this process, the implant (basically a screw that is placed into the jawbone - see image below) is attached to a surface crown. This will allow for the best possible long-term stability, functionality, and appeal.

I need a tooth removed; what is the best option to replace it?

dental implants
At Meyer Dental Group, defining the right replacement option for your missing teeth is a mutual process. Since every individual's dental condition is different, there is no preset selection process and there shouldn't be one. A thorough dental exam, your personal preferences, and your budget considerations, are all part of the things we will discuss in advance, to define the best teeth replacement solution for you.
One thing will be paramount during your missing teeth replacement consultation: We will recommend the best possible options for the look and feel of your entire bite. Because at Meyer Dental Group, dentistry is not only about fixing teeth — it's about taking care of your overall health as well.
When you need real answers when starting the process of choosing implants, a dental bridge, or partial dentures, and more about dental implants cost, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Tom Meyer - Implants Dentist Mount Prospect - at Meyer Dental Group.

What is a bone graft and do I need it?

A bone graft is a procedure that can be done to increase bone density and create a solid foundation for dental implants. A bone graft can be performed before or after implant surgery. It should not be confused with a sinus lift, which is an entirely different procedure. Only a thorough, in-office evaluation of your oral and medical condition can define whether you need a bone graft or not.

Who provides dental implant treatment in Mount Prospect?

When you would Google: ‘dental implants near me’, ten to one you will find: Dr. Thomas Meyer (All his patients and staff call him "Dr. Tom”!). Dr. Meyer has enjoyed practicing dentistry in the Chicago area (as his father did the generation before him) since 1993. He proudly continues to provide excellent dental care to the community of Mount Prospect and surrounding areas.
Tom Meyer resides in Des Plaines, Illinois with his loving and devoted family: wife Padra, and children Eleanor, Nicholas, Matthew, Daniel, and Joseph. They enjoy devoting their extra time and energy to their church in Mount Prospect and kids’ school.
Dr. Tom has provided many patients in his community with dental implant treatment while receiving positive reviews for his compassion, expertise, and gentle way of practicing dentistry. Are you considering to replace your missing teeth with dental implants? Schedule a consultation at Meyer Dental Group today!

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