TMJ Neck Pain Mount Prospect

We believe… TMJ disorder can cause unwanted neck pain

There are all sorts of reasons why you get muscle pain. It could happen when lifting something or overexertion during work or sports but some pains just don’t seem to go away.

It may be hard to work out why they keep going on and on. Typically muscle pain can be related to a nerve called the trigeminal nerve which runs through the face, close to the joints that control movement of the jaws and teeth.

If you have been suffering from persistent muscle pain, especially in the upper parts of your body such as the neck, shoulders or back you may be able to get rid of it at long last by seeking dental treatment.

We may be able determine if there is a link between your unexplained and annoying muscle pain and a disorder of the jaw joint known as temporomandibular disorder after the medical term for the joint.

How some muscles can ache because of TMJ disorder

tmj neck pain mt prospect

The jaw joints or temporomandibular joints (TMJ) can be the ultimate cause of any persistent and hard to diagnose muscle pain. In fact, the source of that muscle pain may be due to your two sets of jaws not quite matching up together correctly when you close your mouth or bite something. Malocclusion – or bad bite – results in your jaw joints suffering and this leads to the variety of symptoms known as temporomandibular disorder or TMD.

Because the symptoms are quite varied, it is often difficult to get the right diagnosis. We at the Meyer Dental Group have years of successful experience diagnosing and treating TMD. If TMD is diagnosed, we may be able to relieve your unwanted muscle pains.

TMJ treatment for neck pain

TMJ sufferers often experience unrelated uncomfortable symptoms such as muscle pain in the shoulders, neck, back or even the arms.

We may be able to diagnose TMJ as the root cause and we have access to some sophisticated equipment like TENS machines and K7 analytical tools that can map out misalignment issues and where and how the jaw joints have become misaligned.

Treatment depends on the severity of the disorder but usually involves relaxation of the jaw muscles and the wearing of a mouthguard. This helps to reposition your jaw slowly but surely and should shift your jaw into a more natural and comfortable position.

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TMJ treatment can help you get your life back

Muscle pain is so commonplace that it may seem ridiculous to go to the dentist about it. However, when all else fails and you still keep experiencing muscle pain, a visit to the dentist here at the Meyer Dental Group may get your life back in order.

TMJ related symptoms such as muscle pain can be resolved with modern dental procedures. It may be time to say farewell to unwanted muscle pain.

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