We Believe that … Regular visits with a dental hygienist can help you save money and your oral health!

If it’s been a while since your last checkup, don’t wait to make an appointment. Bi-yearly teeth cleanings could save you trouble in the long run!

Coming in for a checkup just twice a year is a preventative measure against serious health issues. They can be costly to resolve if they are not dealt with early on. Good oral hygiene and bi-annual teeth cleanings will help you financially by making sure no serious problems arise in the first place.

What Regular Visits and Teeth Cleanings can do for You

Having good dental hygiene comes with a wide range of benefits, and we at Meyer Dental Group want to help you achieve optimal oral health.

A bi-annual checkup is the perfect way to make sure your smile remains healthy. During this check-up you can receive an expert teeth cleaning from a skilled dental hygienist to achieve a high level of cleanliness.  Professional cleanings can get rid of built up plaque and tartar that you wouldn’t be able to clean yourself with a tooth brush. These cleanings can help prevent cavities, tooth decay, and other problems that can pop up from poor dental hygiene.  This could save you the time and cost of getting fillings or having other procedures done.

We can also offer you diagnostic tests with our arsenal of advanced dental technology. These tests are an excellent way to ensure you do not have any serious health concerns. For example, diagnostic testing such as DIAGNODent laser therapy and digital x-rays can help us catch oral cancer  before it becomes a serious risk and expense. It’s always better to discover it sooner rather than later.

Let Us Help you be Healthy and Happy

At Meyer Dental Group, we are dedicated to maintaining the oral hygiene of you and your family. Bi-annual checkups can keep you healthy long term, saving you the time and cost of needing to correct health issues. We care about your overall health as well as your teeth. Make an appointment with us today and our skilled dental team will provide you with the care you need to achieve a brilliant smile!

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