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orthodontics mount prospect

Orthodontics Mount Prospect

What does orthodontics include?

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When you don't dare to smile because of crooked teeth ...

Orthodontics are generally used as treatment for irregularities in the teeth, shifting teeth, especially alignment, occlusion (your bite), and jaws, including the use of traditional, adult, and kids dental braces.

Any dental work that improves the alignment of the teeth, is often performed by an orthodontist, but not necessarily. The focus is primarily on improving the overall smile appearance and generally concentrates on tooth position, shape size, alignment, and/or jaw positioning. Orthodontic treatments are either elective for cosmetic purposes and some procedures are meant to provide medical health problem solving.

For the most part, orthodontic procedures are standard procedure, however some treatments require more specialized planning. Keeping an open mind about your treatment plan is best, as we know that every mouth is different and we want to find the right procedure for your smile!


Is your smile saying what you want it to?

At Meyer Dental Group, we know that the foundation of a great smile starts with having a healthy smile. We believe in having your smile looking and functioning the best it can. Even the smallest of changes can have a huge result and impact in how you feel about your smile. We want you to smile confidently from the inside out!

We offer a variety of orthodontic treatments options that will get your teeth perfectly aligned, and your smile at its best. Dr. Tom Meyer has extensive experience with, and provides treatment for:

  • Traditional Braces
  • Adult Braces
  • Kid Braces
  • Invisalign
  • SureSmile

Fearing the Simple Act of Smiling?

What is important to your orthodontic treatment plan?

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Finding the right orthodontics provider in Mount Prospect can be a tedious and time consuming task.  The search for the perfect fit can feel overwhelming, confusing and an all round exhausting process. There are probably several orthodontic clinics in your area to sift through and you want to make sure that you are making the best choice for your needs.

Your search and decision to find the right dental braces dentist in Mount Prospect that suits you best should be an easy, clear, and simple course of action. Here are some tips:

  • Make a list of the dental services you require and/or interested in
  • Check vicinity and open hours
  • What about your oral and overall health standards?
  • What orthodontic treatment options are available?
  • Check online reviews

Simply writing down what is most important to you in choosing a dentist for adult or kid braces can help you make a decision. Finalize your personalized list, then visit all the relevant Mount Prospect dentists near you and keep a record of when a candidate provides the orthodontic services you are interested in. When you find one that has all the requirements on your list, contact the clinic and go for a personal “meet and greet” before you make your decision

Getting to know the dental clinic’s ambience and meeting the right dentist for adult and kid braces will provide you with the last piece of the puzzle. This way, finding your Mount Prospect orthodontics-dentist should be simple, easy and clear. 

Learn more - To get a beautiful smile with invisible braces at mount prospect orthodontics dentist Dr. Tom Meyer.


3 simple steps to get started


Make an


healthy dentistry


Look, feel,
and live better


We'd love to be your Orthodontics provider in Mt Prospect!


Why settle for less?

  • Still hiding your smile?
  • Stop doubting to wear braces
  • Don't drain your money on quick fixes
  • End insecurity about your smile
  • Choose the right 'Ortho' dentist for you


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Let yourself live free:

  • Find clarity about adult or kid braces
  • Experience dedicated care to align your teeth
  • Embrace an innovative approach
  • Feel more confident when smiling
  • Show off your straight teeth!
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Orthodontics Mount Prospect
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