Discover the Fountain of Youth® – Innovative Dentures in Mount Prospect

Discover the Fountain of Youth® – Innovative Dentures in Mount Prospect

Are you satisfied with your current dentures, or have you found yourself suffering any of these painful conditions?

  • Ill-fitted dentures that fail to stay in place 
  • Facial and jaw pain 
  • Gum irritation 
  • Mouth sores 
  • Difficulty speaking, eating or drinking 

Fortunately, relief is available. If you suffer from ill-fitted or poor quality dentures, isn’t it time to make a change? 

Fountain of Youth Dentures® are a fantastic, long-lasting solution to missing teeth that can give you back your smile and your confidence while providing a natural, more youthful appearance. 

Take charge of your life with better fitting, high-quality dentures that can help you feel confident when eating, speaking, laughing or smiling. 

3 Common Problems Caused by Poor Quality and Ill-Fitting Dentures

Ill-fitting dentures are not only uncomfortable, but they can also be downright painful. Dentures that refuse to stay in place can become an embarrassing focal point, and the pressure and friction placed on gums can lead to swollen gums, pain and even mouth sores. 

1. Ill-Fitting Dentures Don’t Stay in Place 

While common among ill-fitted dentures, having dentures fall out can be a harrowing experience. Ill-fitting dentures may not stay in place and can slip out of your mouth, especially when speaking, eating or sneezing. 

Not only can these dentures limit you, but it can quickly feel like you’re having to devote a great deal of your time trying to keep your dentures in place!  

2. Gum Irritation, Lingering Soreness or Pain

Do your poorly fitted dentures rub against and irritate your gums? Swollen and painful gums are a common symptom of low-quality and ill-fitting dentures. In many cases, these dentures can irritate gums badly enough to create painful mouth sores, putting you at risk for infection. 

Additionally, ill-fitting dentures can worsen pain caused by other disorders, such as TMJ. 

3. Difficulty Speaking 

If your dentures are always moving around in your mouth, you likely will have trouble speaking. Poorly fitted dentures can lead to the development of a lisp, therefore increasing any discomfort that you may feel about speaking in public. 

Discover the Advantages of Fountain of Youth Dentures®

If searching for options for dentures in Chicago, you needn’t look any further than Fountain of Youth® Dentures from the Meyer Dental Group. 

Fountain of Youth Dentures® offers high-quality, innovative dentures to not only eliminate the discomfort that your current dentures may be causing you, but help you look and feel younger. 

Fountain of Youth Dentures® feature several advantages, including:

  • Better fitting dentures. The Meyer Dental Group will take several measurements of your mouth to ensure that your dentures are well-fitted and less likely to dislodge while you are eating or speaking.  
  • A younger-looking you. Fountain of Youth Dentures can help you look your best with a more natural facelift that can reduce jowls, sunken cheeks, turkey neck and other marks of aging.
  • Prevent swollen gums and mouth sores. With well-fitted dentures, you will no longer have to worry about pressure distributed unevenly across your gums, eliminating mouth sores, potential infections and facial pain.   
eating with dentures
FOY® Dentures

Are Fountain of Youth Dentures® right for you? 

The Meyer Dental Group can help you obtain the best dentures in Mount Prospect worth your smile and health.

You can learn more about Fountain of Youth® denture procedures, including further information on fees and what FOY can do for you, by scheduling a complimentary consultation at the Meyer Dental Group office. During your office visit, you will receive a clinical evaluation, and you will have photos and a CT scan taken to create a personalized treatment plan. 

Are you a good candidate for Fountain of Youth Dentures®? Take advantage of a complimentary consultation with us!

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