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How Much Do Same Day Dental Crowns Cost?

Dentists realize how important longevity is in restoration work. When missing teeth become a problem, it is important that patients are presented with an affordable and long-lasting option. If one or more teeth are affected by chips, decay, cracks or other types of damage, same day dental crowns are the ideal solution.

In the long run, the cost of same day dental crowns will save a patient money. Crowns are more affordable than bridges or dentures and do not require frequent restorative work. What’s more, the investment of same day crowns means patients can reap the rewards of great oral care for years to come.

Are the Cost of Same Day Crowns All the Same?

A Breakdown of Same Day Dentistry Costs

While the concept of a dental crown used to cover a damaged tooth or restore and implant is simple, the variables involved in the process tend to render it a unique experience for each patient. No two price tags are exactly alike. The preparation required, amount of crowns needed and material used can cause prices to vary from one patient to the next.

One major benefit of a same day crown is that it does what it says – the dentist prepares and fits the crown during the same appointment. So there’s no need to spend additional funds on several appointments and materials.

Many insurance providers will cover the partial cost of same day crowns; however, the price of treatment can be a deciding factor when perusing options for care. Besides the actual same day dental crowns cost, other expenses associated with treatment include:

  • The X-rays – $20 – $150
  • Same day dental crowns material and treatment – $1500 – $2,000 per tooth

Who Is a Candidate for Same Day Crowns Dentistry?

Is It Time for a Crown?

Investing in dental crowns can offer significant cosmetic improvement to a patient’s smile. They also offer protection and strength for weakened or damaged teeth. Same day crowns dentistry may be recommended if:

  • Teeth are disproportionally small or misshapen
  • Teeth are unlikely to respond positively to professional teeth whitening and are severely discolored
  • Teeth require additional strength and support
  • Teeth are chipped or cracked
  • Bite is incorrectly aligned
  • Teeth are severely decayed
  • The patient is unable to chew food comfortably
  • The chewing surfaces of the patient’s teeth are worn down due to grinding their teeth
  • The damage to the tooth is too severe to support an inlay or filling
  • The patient has already undergone a root canal and requires protection for the remaining tooth structure

Furthermore, a suitable same day dental crowns candidate should have healthy gums. This is because the restorations will work with the remainder of the healthy portion of the tooth or implant to provide optimal support for the crown.

Save Money with Same Day Crowns Dentistry

When it comes to same day dental crowns cost, the financial investment is long-term. When looking to invest in oral health, talk to Meyer Dental Group who offer same day dental crowns in Mount Prospect, Des Plaines and Arlington Heights, Illinois. Let us address questions about the latest procedure that is saving patients time and money.

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