Sleep better in Mount Prospect

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How can a "sleep dentist" help you sleep better?

How can a “sleep dentist” help you sleep better? Do you often feel sluggish and unrefreshed when you wake up in the morning, even after a full night of rest? Has your sleep partner ever complained that you snore loudly or awaken gasping for air throughout the night? Do you … Read More

Sleep disorders and your health in Des Plaines

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3 ways a sleep disorder can affect your health

3 ways a sleep disorder can affect your health A sleep disorder that goes untreated can cause chronic fatigue, which can cause problems with your job, your personal relationships and even create safety risks. Some people avoid treatment and think they can live with a sleep disorder. If you have … Read More

Causes of Arlington Heights sleep disorders

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3 SURPRISING CAUSES OF ARLINGTON HEIGHTS SLEEP DISORDERS Sleep disorders cause millions of people to suffer from the ill effects of poor sleep. Chronic fatigue poor concentration irritability job performance issues relationship problems safety risks are some of the effects of a sleep disorder. Causes of sleep disorders are varied, … Read More