How long does it take to get a Dental Crown?

How long does it take to get a Dental Crown?

Dr. Tom Meyer, cosmetic dentist in Mt Prospect, explains the process of getting a dental crown!

Your dentist gave you the news….you need a dental crown. The last time you had one, you had to wait for 2 weeks for the crown to be created in a lab and had the hassle of trying to chew with the temporary one. You have questions about crowns, such as, have crowns changed since you got your last one? How long does it take to get a dental crown? Are there differences in the quality of crowns? How do you find the right dentist to do your crown? Understandably, you are hesitating to get your crown because you want more clarity and answers to your questions.

Getting dental crowns at other dentists can be a long process with multiple visits, as well as inconvenient and uncomfortable. At Meyer Dental Group, we believe that getting a crown should be straight forward, pain free and with minimal appointments.

How can Meyer Dental Group help?

In your pursuit of a better quality of life, you deserve assistance from Dr. Tom Meyer who: 

  1. Has 25+ years of dental experience, including dental implant/dentures solutions
  2. Is a Mastership Member of the International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics
  3. Is a Member of the American Dental Society 

Dr. Tom Meyer has enjoyed practicing dentistry in the Chicago area since 1993. He proudly continues to provide excellent care to the community as his father did the generation before him. With over 25 years experience as a dentist, he has treated hundreds of patients with safe crowns and uses the most cutting edge technology for diagnosis and treatments. 

Dental crowns are used to restore chipped, damaged, or missing teeth. They are also used when there is a dental emergency, a root canal, or when decay in a tooth has reached the point where there is more filling than tooth. Your tooth is reshaped to accept a crown which is a replica of your tooth that fits over what remains of your tooth, or they can be placed on a dental implant. Crowns can be made of metal, porcelain, resin or ceramic. At Meyer Dental Group, we only use the safest materials to provide strong quality crowns.

Meyer Dental Group in Mt. Prospect offers the “One-Day Crown”

Typically, dental crown treatment involves two visits for the patient. At the first appointment, the dentist obtains a mold of the tooth to send to the lab to create the crown, and then prepares the tooth for the crown. The patient is fitted with a temporary crown and usually returns two weeks later to receive the permanent crown.

The good news is that technological advances now make it possible for technologically advanced dentists to do your crown in one visit! As a Cerec-certified dentist, Dr. Meyer has the training, experience and the Cerec equipment to create the permanent crown in less time – and on the first visit! The one day crown (or same day crown) eliminates the need for a second visit and the challenges of sensitivity and poor chewing which can occur with the temporary crown in between visits all in Mt. Prospect.

Getting a crown at Meyer Dental Group:

  • no return visits for crown placements – walk in and walk out with it all complete
  • no getting numb (injections) again at a second visit
  • relaxation time in a massage chair while your crown is milling  🙂
  • no sensitive temporary crowns

The process is simple at Meyer Dental Group to get your one-day crown

  1. Let’s figure out what you need.
  2. Experience a quick and easy visit.
  3. Enjoy getting your new permanent crown on the same day!

Don’t waste your time any longer!

  • Stop hesitating to get the crown you know you need
  • Forget about waiting 2 weeks for your crown
  • Don’t worry about toxic materials
  • Avoid chewing on a temporary crown
  • Ditch the two-visit crown

Make the choice that puts you first!

  • Go ahead with getting your dental crown
  • Enjoy not waiting 2 weeks for a crown
  • Relax knowing your crown is safe
  • Chew right away on your permanent crown
  • Enjoy your same-day single visit crown

Trust Meyer Dental Group to give you fast, easy, and safe dental crown options!

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Fountain of Youth – Custom Dentures in Chicago

Fountain of Youth – Custom Dentures in Chicago

Struggling to find the right fit when it comes to dentures?

Finding the right set of dentures can be a challenging process. You may have had previously poor experiences with ill-fitting, uncomfortable, and unstable dentures that become more of a hindrance to your life than a benefit. To add an extra layer of frustration, the cost of dentures in Chicago can be incredibly high and inaccessible.

Getting dentures should not be uncomfortable, confusing, and excessively expensive. At Meyer Dental Group, we believe this process should be enjoyable, positive, and affordable with Fountain of Youth Dentures (FOY)®.

In your pursuit of stronger, reliable dentures you will receive proactive support from Mount Prospect dentist Dr. Tom Meyer who:

  1. Has 25+ years of dental experience, including FOY® Denture solutions
  2. Is a Graduate of the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Cosmetic Dental Studies
  3. Is a Member of the American Dental Society

What are (FOY) fountain of youth dentures®?

This amazing breakthrough in denture technology not only improves the fit and function of your dentures, it also helps make you look younger by supporting your face like your natural teeth; reducing lines and wrinkles across your face.
To learn more about the advantages of Fountain of Youth® Dentures, consultation prices, and details, read on.

How Fountain of Youth Dentures® boost your quality of life:

Traditional dentures have garnered a bad reputation for being uncomfortable, ill-fitting, and a headache to clean. They are also known to limit what you can eat — say good-bye to some of your favorite foods!
FOY® Dentures are designed with breakthrough neuromuscular technology that provides the following benefits:

Better fits your unique mouth shape
Supports your face for a more youthful appearance
Prevents facial pain and discomfort
Allows you to eat, laugh, sing and smile without worry
Gives you a full, beautiful smile
Come both in floating and dental implant options

The road to a healthier smile is easy:

1. Book your FREE Comprehensive Consultation ($520 value)

2. Experience personalized treatment

3. Enjoy a stronger smile


Your Complimentary Consultation

  • Overview of the difference between FOY® Dentures and traditional dentures
  • Description of the development of personalized FOY® dentures
  • Explore FOY® options available to best suit your needs
  • CBCT Scan / x-ray to determine optimal treatment
  • Clinical intra-oral and extra-oral photos for treatment planning
  • A treatment plan package when treatment is desired

Forcing yourself to stick with an uncomfortable, unflattering set of dentures can come with serious setbacks that can harm your overall systemic health:

Feeling self-conscious
Poor oral health
Facial disfiguration
Limited self-expression
Advanced aging appearance

By pursuing a more robust and reliable smile with FOY® Dentures, you can:

  1. Boost your self-esteem
  2. Save money on future dental work
  3. Enhance your appearance
  4. Express yourself with pride
  5. Enjoy all your favorite foods!

A better quality of life and greater systemic health is within your reach. Don’t hesitate to give yourself a life where you can express yourself and share in meaningful moments to the fullest. With the help of Mount Prospect dentist Dr. Tom Meyer and your new FOY® Dentures, you can achieve exactly that and enjoy life in new, invigorating ways.

Get a beautiful smile with invisible braces at a Mount Prospect dentist

Get a beautiful smile with invisible braces at a Mount Prospect dentist

Would you like to have a beautiful smile with straight teeth?

Have you looked in the mirror for many years and wished you had straight teeth and a better smile? Are you envious when you see people on television with perfect teeth? Do you feel self-conscious when you smile and you’re finally ready to do something about it? There are many dentists and orthodontists in your area. How do you choose the right dentist or orthodontist to help you? There are so many braces options too. Visible braces, invisible braces, invisible aligners, which one is right for you?

You also wonder how long the process takes, how much it costs, and how much pain is involved. Do you feel confused and worried about making this decision?

Making decisions about getting braces shouldn’t be overwhelming, confusing, and time-consuming! 

At Meyer Dental Group, we believe that finding the right braces solution for you should be clear, simple, and fast. Dr. Tom Meyer has over 25 years of experience, including orthodontic treatment. Dr. Meyer is trained and experienced in providing his patients with SureSmile and Invisalign invisible braces. He has years and years of experience and happy, confident smiling patients who are enjoying their straight teeth. Because he wants patients to have an affordable solution for teeth straightening, he also has payment options available for invisible aligners.

SureSmile and Invisalign invisible braces are transparent, removable braces which are designed to straighten your smile and let your confidence shine through! They are designed using advanced software which ensures that they fit comfortably and provide the exact tooth movements needed for your new smile. They are custom-made for your teeth using 3D scanning technology right in the dentist’s office and are clear plastic replicas of your that fit over your teeth. Once printed and delivered, they exert slight force which gradually moves your teeth into their new straighter position. The software design and the digital lab that creates the aligners accurately ensures that just the right amount of pressure is applied at the right time to the right tooth. 


You will make regular visits to see Dr. Meyer for a new set of aligners that will continue the pressure that straighten your teeth. The process can be much faster than traditional braces. Because there are no wires and metal brackets, you can continue to eat all your favorite foods and enjoy participating in your favorite sports activities. Unlike the old metal wire braces, aligners don’t catch on your food and are unlikely to cause pain and headaches. For the shortest time to achieve your new smile, you will wear your invisible aligners for 20-22 hours a day, so even at night while you sleep. 


Besides gaining a beautiful smile, you will experience other benefits from having straight teeth. Teeth which are crooked or crowded are harder to clean which increases your risk of cavities. They also place you at greater risk for gum disease and tooth loss. Crooked teeth can cause wearing away of tooth enamel, so straightened teeth will also improve your bite, which allows for better chewing, and less wear of your enamel.  All in all, after you have had your aligners, you will be more confident with your smile, and your oral health will improve as well.


The best part is no one knows you have braces!

Dr. Meyer makes it easy to get your new smile with these 3 steps:

  1.     Make an appointment to talk about your options
  2.     Move forward after getting to see your new smile plan 
  3.     Enjoy your new self-confidence with a beautiful smile

Call us today to make your appointment!

 Aren’t you tired of:

  •       Hiding your smile
  •       Feeling insecure and self-conscious
  •       Being confused about all the options
  •       Wasting precious time not liking your smile
  •       Worrying about cost “surprises”

 Why not move forward and:

  •         Get the smile you’ve always wanted
  •         Feel confident and happy
  •         Know the facts about your options
  •         Know the timeline
  •         Find an affordable straight teeth solution!


Trust Dr. Tom Meyer with making your braces experience easy and your smile beautiful! 


Sleep apnea struggles in Chicago?

Sleep apnea struggles in Chicago?

Sleep apnea treatment in Chicago could be the solution

This last year forced us to change our lives in drastic ways that has understandably brought on a lot of stress and possible creates issues with sleep apnea in Chicago. And the more stress that we have in our lives, the less rested we tend to be and the higher the chance of having a poor sleep cycle.

Stress is one thing — living with a condition called sleep apnea adds a whole new layer of exhaustion into the mix. Sleep apnea involves the cessation of breath during sleep, causing you to toss and turn and achieve only a light, low quality sleep.

Living this way can be extremely overwhelming and cause great physical and mental torment. Trying to find the root cause of your sleep issues can be confusing, misleading and down right frustrating. At Meyer Dental Group we believe that sleep apnea treatment in Chicago should be simple, attainable and affordable. 

Don’t let misleading information trap you into a cycle of uncertainty that could eventually lead to the loss of your life.

How we can help:

In your journey towards stabilized sleep, you deserve effective, affordable and proactive support from our dentist in Mount Prospect, Dr. Tom Meyer at Meyer Dental Group. 

  • Dr. Meyer has 25 years experience including sleep apnea treatment in Chicago
  • He is a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM)
  • Is AADSM-certified to create custom-fitted sleep apnea appliances

Getting started is simple

STEP 1: Tell us your story and symptoms

STEP 2: Find personalized sleep solutions 

STEP 3: Feel like yourself again

Don’t settle for a life of poor sleep. Click here.

Consequences of sleep apnea

Without resolving your compromised sleep, greater health issues can develop and intensify the feelings of overwhelming anxiety you’re suffering from. 

  • Stop feeling drained 
  • End the brain fog 
  • Diminish stress and anxiety 
  • Don’t alienate from friends and family 
  • Avoid expensive future health treatment

The benefits of sleep apnea treatment

With a personalized approach to treating your sleep apnea in Chicago, you can work towards achieving a happier, healthier and higher quality of life. 

  • Boost your energy levels 
  • Think more clearly 
  • Feel well rested 
  • Engage with loved ones 
  • Choose a long-term, affordable solution

Take back control

You are in complete control of achieving the positive and energized lifestyle that you want to have. Don’t settle for a life of fatigue, disengagement and frustration caused by interrupted sleep. 

Our New Patient Experience is a comprehensive exam that takes an affordable, accessible and in-depth dive into your overall holistic health. For an affordable fee of $175, Dr. Tom takes a personalized approach to understanding your dental health and how it is impacting your overall quality of life. Click here.

Instead, begin your journey towards a more enriching life where you can engage with friends, family, colleagues and the world around in you without being compromised by exhaustion. Mount Prospect dentist, Dr. Tom, and the Meyer Dental Group team look forward to meeting you and supporting you in the process of sleep apnea treatment in Chicago. 

Don’t settle for a life of poor sleep. Click here.


Looking for a holistic dentist in Chicago?

Looking for a holistic dentist in Chicago?

Integrative dentistry could be the solution

At the end of the day, most of us want to achieve the healthiest and strongest version of ourselves to enjoy a more fulfilling quality of life. In the process of achieving that, you may be seeking a holistic dentist Chicago who uncovers and treats your health problems at the root cause — rather than just dealing with the symptoms or disguising pain as it presents.

As all systems of the body are inherently interconnected, treating only the symptom without deeper investigation can lead to band-aids fixes. These fixes are typically quite costly and neglect the other forces contributing to your issue. 

A lack of accessibility and knowledge about holistic dentistry as an integrative dental approach may prevent you from achieving the optimal health and wellbeing you desire. At Meyer Dental Group, we believe that seeking a holistic dentist Chicago should not be frustrating, disappointing and misleading.

How can Meyer Dental Group help?

In your pursuit of a better quality of life, you deserve assistance from Dr. Tom Meyer who: 

  1. Has 30+ years of dental experience, including dental implant/dentures solutions
  2. Is a Member of the International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics
  3. Is a Member of the American Dental Society 

What is holistic dentistry / integrative dentistry, exactly?

The term “holistic” can often imply the use of all-natural, non-invasive approaches to curing pain and health problems. However, this is not entirely accurate — and nor is it typically credible or safe. 

Confusion around this topic might deter you from seeking integrative approaches that can drastically help solve a multitude of your overall health struggles. 

According to the Oxford English dictionary, the term holistic means: “Characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.”

Within dentistry, the word holistic can encompass the use of safe and effective tools and materials to address problems patients may be experiencing in relation to their different oral health systems — all of which ultimately affect each other. 

For example, if you’re struggling with temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), you likely have a misaligned jaw and/or you are grinding your teeth at night, wearing down on the jaw joint. 

The wear and tear of this can also cause damage to the health and strength of your teeth, cause muscle soreness and pain in your body and as well as debilitating headaches. The jaw pain you’re suffering from TMJ is not mutually exclusive from other oral health problems — these connections are taken into account by an integrative or holistic dentistry approach.

Don’t let uncertainty prevent you from optimal health. Click here.

Starting your journey towards greater health is only 3 steps away:

STEP 1: Meet our welcoming team

STEP 2: Find helpful, in-depth solutions 

STEP 3: Enjoy a more sustainable, improved quality of life

Meyer Dental Group can help heal your overall systemic health by:

  • Taking a gentle and proactive approach to your oral health
  • Assessing the function of your dental health as a whole
  • Listening to the story of your struggles with full intention 
  • Investigating the relationships between your mouth and body’s health 
  • Treating the cause, not masking the symptom

Find integrative/holistic dentist Chicago solutions in our New Patient Exam

Our New Patient Experience is a comprehensive exam that takes an affordable, accessible and in-depth dive into your overall holistic health. For only $175, Dr. Tom takes a personalized approach to understanding your dental health and how it is impacting your overall quality of life. Click here.

Consequences of not taking an integrative/holistic dentistry approach:

Sometimes, we just want our pain and the problems to go away in an instant. Don’t settle for the quick, cheaper fix. While this may be more convenient in the short-term, it can only create more expensive and intensive dental work down the road. Instead: 

  • Stop feeling confused
  • End the uncertainty 
  • Don’t settle for second best 
  • Prevent skewed expectations
  • Avoid expensive future dental work

Live life more fully with integrative solutions

  • Feel confident in your decisions 
  • Gain greater health knowledge
  • Solve the root cause of your issues
  • Pursue a happier quality of life 
  • Choose a long-term, affordable solution

You are in complete control of achieving the health and quality of life that you want to have. Don’t let confusion, uncertainty and a discrepancy in expectations about integrative/holistic dentistry approaches deter you from greater overall systemic health. 

Instead, become an active participant in your journey towards a life with less pain, better understanding and reduced struggle. Exchange that for greater energy and the ability to be more present with others and with yourself due to improved health with integrative dentistry solutions.

Dr. Tom Meyer and the Meyer Dental Group team look forward to helping you achieve the best version of yourself. Click here to book an appointment. 


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