Who needs a smile now?

Make someone special smile, with FREE flowers!

Does a loved-one, friend, neighbor, local family member, someone who’s alone, a first responder, health care professional, or anyone you are thinking of, need some extra attention during these uncertain times?

Flowers will be delivered with compliments from the Meyer Dental Group.


Why are we doing this?

We believe … that everyone could use a smile these days, and who doesn’t want beautiful flowers?

We believe … that our amazing, wonderful, and caring patients and their loved ones, deserve this during a very difficult time.

And we believe … that even in times of uncertainty, our commitment to our patients should still and always be the same: Practicing what we preach.


How does it work?

We will be collecting all submitted names and randomly pick one name per day

Throughout the entire month of April, Dr Tom will personally deliver one floral bouquet per day to the lucky recipient

Expected delivery time: around 3 PM each day

Every bouquet delivery will be completely safe:

  • Flower bouquets (from Jewel in Mt Prospect) will be wrapped and dropped off on the front door step of the recipient’s home
  • Instruction card will be left on the bouquet to suggest recommended proper intake of the flowers into the home, such as throwing the plastic wrap away immediately and washing hands upon unwrapping
  • Personal encounters will be avoided at any time
    Any questions, please reach out to


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