Mouth guards, whether custom mouth guards or store-bought, it is a necessary thing.Whether you play a contact sport, are engaged in recreational activities, or your children have recently taken up skateboarding, you will need one.

Sure, you can quickly scoop one up at your local sporting goods store, and it could be adequate. However, broken or lost teeth are not something anyone wants to deal with; whether it is for themselves or their children. Worse, a jaw bone fracture or dislocation could leave permanent damage.

So, we ask you this: Would you want to put all of that pressure on a generic one-size-fits-all store-bought version? Furthermore, how much have you looked into custom mouth guards?

There is no need to worry. Your teeth (or your child’s teeth) are not in eminent danger. They can continue to use their store-bought version. In the meantime, we recommend you see a dentist in Des Plaines and Mount Prospect, IL, like Dr Tom Meyer here at Meyer Dental Group, to explore your options for a custom-made guard.

How Custom Mouth Guards Work

Custom mouth guards are designed to protect teeth, but your teeth exclusively — not someone else’s.

Custom-fitted guards are designed and made inside our dental office in Des Plaines, IL. According to WebMD, they are more expensive but worth every penny. The cost is slightly higher because your dentist must first take an impression of the teeth. This impression is then used to create a custom molded model. From there, a special material is used to craft the custom mouth guard.

The result, a mouthguard that fits every unique characteristic of your teeth — right down to shape, size, and placement.

Benefits To Using  Custom Mouth Guards

Not only are you receiving protection for your mouth but custom-made options carry a few key advantages, including:

1. Airway Exchange: If you’ve ever worn a mouthguard, you know that they can be uncomfortable. With a custom-made version, you will have better airway exchange and more comfort. Furthermore, they are less bulky than store-bought versions.

2. Better Performance: Yes, you pay a little more, but you get what you pay for here. Custom options decrease the probability of a traumatic injury to the mouth causing any damage (e.g. chipped teeth, broken teeth, abrasions, etc.).

See How Quickly Your Dentist In Des Plaines, Mount Prospect, and Arlington Heights Can Make A Custom Mouth Guard

Think it will take endless appointments?

Wrong. The first visit will take anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes and your second visit is completed typically in the same week for an additional 10 to 20 minutes out of your day.

If you are looking for a high-performance model, these are achieved using neuromuscular computerized technology — a fancy way of stating your jaw coordinates are precisely measured for oxygen exchange and stability. These take two hours in the office and about two weeks to finalize.

Now you can protect your teeth and keep doing the sports and activities you love.

Schedule your consultation for a custom mouth guard by visiting the dental team here at Meyer Dental Group. Call now at 847-827-6290.


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