Appointment Guidelines

What changes will you see in your appointment?

Upon arrival

  • Text us when you arrive to the office
  • Stay in your car until we contact you when we are ready for you to enter the office.
  • Please do not bring any additional family members or friends to the appointment unless absolutely necessary. Additional people may be required to wait in their cars while we are with you during your appointment time.

Entering the office

  • Please make sure you are wearing a mask.
  • Hands will be sanitized
  • Annual medical update will be done, if needed
  • Signing of Consent Form for procedure and treatment

During your appointment

NOTE: You will experience multiple additional layers of protection for your safety and ours


On Clinical Team

Extra Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including:

  • KN95 masks layered double layered with a level 1 mask
  • Face shields and/or eye protection
  • Extra over layer of uniform changed out with every single patient



  • Once seated in the operatory, a pre-treatment hydrogen peroxide rinse will be required.
  • Hygiene utilizing high volume ejectors (HVE) for utmost in reducing saliva flow and aerosol production.
  • ADS – Extra-Oral Dental Suction Units for each dental clinician to capture and reduce airborne aerosols at the direct source of each procedure in each individual operatory.

Checkout and leaving office

  • Masks will be required to be put back on as patient exits and returns to front office area
  • Hand washing and sanitizing upon exit


Yours for better health!


Dr Tom and the entire Meyer Dental Group Team


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