It’s the middle of the school year and the kids in Des Plaines, Arlington Heights, and Mount Prospect are busy with school and sports season. In many cases, they are busy with both, and the price they could pay is their dental health. Parents also have a busy job to help protect their children’s teeth and gums. Amongst their hectic schedules, it is important to help them avoid dental problems. Kids dentist Des Plaines, Dr. Tom Meyer and Meyer Dental Group explains.

We Believe That Dental Problems Can Be Prevented

How do you protect children’s teeth? It is not likely to ask them to give up sweets they crave, sugary drinks they love, sports they play, after school activities they engage in, or playing outside with other kids; that would be like asking them to stop being children.

You can adopt a few simple measures that will help prevent cavities, gum disease, and injuries or accidents that can have an impact on dental health. There are 5 ways to good oral health that are recommended by world-renowned specialists, and we have been promoting and applying them successfully at Meyer Dental Group for years.

5 Ways to Protect Children’s Teeth and Gums

1. Encourage Your Children to Drink More Water

Your children’s busy schedules predisposes them to dehydration, so it is important for them to carry water with them wherever they go. Investing in a good bottle, perhaps with their favorite character, could help make drinking water fun no matter if they’re in class, on the playground, at football practice, or rehearsing for the next school play. Water will provide fluoride and minerals, and wash away cavity-causing bacteria and leftover foods, while keeping busy kids hydrated.

2. Teach Your Children to Eat Healthier

Try making small and gradual changes in their diet, like replacing carbonated drinks with flavored water, fresh juice, or smoothies. Provide them with more fruits, vegetables, and dairy. Besides keeping the teeth strong and healthy, they will also provide the energy active children require to keep up with whatever their busy schedules bring their way! Active, growing bodies need healthy fuel!

3. Teach Your Children the Importance of Proper Oral Hygiene

You can make your child’s oral routine more enjoyable by brushing your teeth as a family, brushing to their favorite song or praising their sparkling white teeth!

4. Protect Your Children’s Teeth with Mouthguards

Five of the country’s most important dental health organizations recommend mouthguards for children involved in sports, and other activities involving risk of injury. If your child takes part in martial arts, baseball, hockey, football, or any other contact sports or activities where they could fall or hit their mouths, these devices are the best solution to protect their teeth. Mouth guards are the best answer for parents wondering how to protect their child’s teeth during physical activities.

You can choose between standard mouth guards, available in most pharmacies and very affordable, or custom fit mouth guards made from a precise impression of their teeth that will fit your children’s teeth better, feel more comfortable and last longer. Children who snore, grind their teeth, or suffer from sleep apnea may also benefit from a special nighttime appliance or mouth guard.

5. Take Your Children to the Dentist for Regular Checkups

Even if you follow all the above steps, taking your children to the dentist every six month is optimal for best oral health. All dental health issues are easier to treat when detected early. Most dentists know how busy children’s schedules can be and will find ways to accommodate them.


Finding the Best Kids Dentist Des Plaines

Now that you know what to do in order to ensure your children’s dental health, all you need is a competent and experienced dentist. This kids dentist should know how to approach children, gain their trust, and make them feel at ease during checkups and treatments.

At Meyer Dental Group, Dr Tom has been successfully treating children and adults for years, using the most innovative and effective techniques and equipment. We love to keep our patients’ informed and help them make the best decisions for their dental health.

If you want more information on how to protect children’s teeth and how mouth guards can help, click here. If you would like a consultation with an experienced dentist like Dr Tom Meyer in Des Plaines, make an appointment here. Together, we can make a difference in your child’s dental health!



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