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We believe… that a TMJ dentist can tread TMD

Do you have unexplained pains in your face, neck or back? If you have been suffering from a variety of symptoms for which your physician appears unable to diagnose and you have tried getting relief with painkillers without much success you may have a problem with your jaw joint.

TMJ sufferers often complain of headaches and migraines as well as dizzy spells, tingling in the hands and arms together with pain. Fortunately, the TMJ is a well understood joint and here at the Meyer Dental Group we have the knowledge to help treat TMJ sufferers. As with all health issues, we believe that it is better to treat the cause of a TMJ problem, not the symptoms.

What causes TMJ disorder?

There are a number of known causes of temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD). Basically, the nerves and muscles surrounding either one or other or both joints experience too much pressure. The immediate pain may be located in the jaw region, but the pressure is transmitted elsewhere. Over 30 million Americans are affected by TMD every year.

The TMJ region may have been affected by an accident, a sports injury or even when the teeth have been altered in position by orthodontic treatment. The person affected finds they can no longer close their mouth together properly and try to compensate for the “bad bite” effect. This overcompensation puts pressure on the TMJ region, resulting in pain and the other symptoms already mentioned.

How a dentist can treat TMJ dysfunction

If you have tried in vain to have your symptoms diagnosed or treated elsewhere, you may find that dentistry is the answer. When TMJ pain is caused by a displacement of the jaw, we will first relax the muscles in the surrounding area.

This helps to relieve immediate pain and allows us to examine exactly where the misalignment is located. We use our K7 technology to map the alignment of the jaw and devise a strategy for moving it back gently into a more natural position.

We will probably prepare a custom fitted mouthguard or orthotic which you wear at night. This puts just the right amount of pressure on your jaw and should help to ease it back towards the correct alignment. We have a range of other techniques, some involving repairing and changing the shape of the teeth, that we can use if necessary if the TMD is particularly severe.

TMJ pain can be fixed

No-one chooses to live in pain, but sometimes you can end up taking endless quantities of pills because the cause of the pain has not been properly determined. TMJ sufferers can be reassured that their misaligned jaw and associated symptoms can be treated once a thorough diagnosis has been made.

Living with pain is no fun for anyone and can negatively impact on one’s overall health, but TMJ pain can and should be dealt with.

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