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Is good sleep hard to come by? Have you been diagnosed with sleep apnea or a similar sleeping disorder? Have you tried to get treatment yet?

Sleep apnea is potentially serious as it can impact on the rest of your health and lack of proper sleep can affect your family, friends, job and can make it less safe to drive a vehicle because of the constant fatigue.

Fortunately, there are a range of sleep apnea treatment options which could give you relief at night from constant bouts of wakefulness as well as lead to long term improvements in your health.

Why some people are more prone to sleep apnea

There is no one single cause of sleep apnea. In fact there are a number of separate factors that can combine just at the wrong time to afflict someone with this particular sleeping disorder. Also, not every type of sleep apnea is exactly the same in terms of what happens in the body.

Typically, the factors that may indicate a greater chance of sleep apnea are such things as age, gender, weight, neck size, tonsil, tongue and jaw size, family history and the incidence of other health problems such a gastroesophageal reflux. Having allergies or sinus problems may increase the risk factor, too.

You should always have a thorough assessment if you have been suffering from sleep problems for too long and get an accurate diagnosis. Sleep apnea can be treated by a dentist once you have obtained a diagnosis of the condition.

How a dentist can provide sleep apnea relief

Here at Meyer Dental Group, we can fit you with a dental mouthpiece that can give you a chance to get some much-needed sleep.

These mouthpieces or mouth guards come in various different designs, but all basically work by repositioning your tongue further forward inside your mouth so that it doesn’t roll back and block your air flow when you fall asleep.

We will examine your mouth and discuss the sleeping problems you have been having and suggest one or more appliances which should help you to sleep better without resorting to taking pills.

You deserve to get a good night’s sleep

Having a healthy life is dependent on good sleep patterns so if you have failed to find a way of getting your sleeping disorder dealt with, it may be time to make an appointment with one of our dentists at the Meyer Dental Group and find out how a sleep apnea device can give you more effective and immediate nighttime relief.

Make a visit to Meyer Dental Group today and we will show you what our commitment to your sleep and your health looks like in action, when you see us practicing what we preach.

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