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Our Commitment to You should be our Highest Priority

meyer-dental-groupAt Meyer Dental Group, the commitment to you begins with trust and respect. You can trust first and foremost that Dr. Meyer and his team will provide you with a relaxing, comfortable visit. Every team member ensures you are completely satisfied with the services and dental work you receive, earning your respect.

Feel the Difference at Meyer Dental Group

When you walk through the doors of Meyer Dental Group, you can be sure to be welcomed by the sweet smell of Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies…and the fresh brewed fragrance of our premium Keurig Coffee… We also have a relaxing massage chair in the back of the office which can be used any time upon request!

Whether you are stopping by for a Hygiene Re-care Appointment or are scheduled for a smile makeover appointment, you’ll be treated to blankets and heated neck warmers as you relax while the team works to care for you. You will feel the ultimate in luxurious comfort as you sink into our Premium Bodyrest Pads and Neck/Leg Supports that line our dental chairs.

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See the Difference

Our reception area is filled with current, popular magazines, Dish Network family-friendly TV programs, before/after photography of patients, educational brochures on popular dental procedures and iPads for surfing the web or playing games while you wait.

Send yourself away while listening to relaxing music on our office iPod through noise-cancelling headphones during your dental procedures.Tinted glasses are given at the beginning of your procedure to protect your eyes from the bright lights and debris.

Digitally transform your smile by requesting a complimentary professional before and after smile enhanced image of yourself! See your perfect smile on yourself before committing to any treatment!

Commitment to Your Satisfaction

Some patients who are particularly sensitive after a relatively longer treatment are offered complimentary pain relief medication to take home so that a visit to the local drug store isn’t necessary.

And Dr. Meyer has parting gifts for all of his valued patients. Kids are given doctor-recommended toothbrushes to take home, refreshing chapsticks in a variety of fun flavors are available for everyone in the reception area, and thank-you gifts are presented to all clients bringing in referrals who join the growing family of patients at the Meyer Dental Group.

Make a visit to Meyer Dental Group today and we will show you what our commitment to you looks like in action when you see us practicing what we preach…

Come See Our Words in Action