Sleep apnea treatment in Chicago could be the solution

This last year forced us to change our lives in drastic ways that has understandably brought on a lot of stress and possible creates issues with sleep apnea in Chicago. And the more stress that we have in our lives, the less rested we tend to be and the higher the chance of having a poor sleep cycle.

Stress is one thing — living with a condition called sleep apnea adds a whole new layer of exhaustion into the mix. Sleep apnea involves the cessation of breath during sleep, causing you to toss and turn and achieve only a light, low quality sleep.

Living this way can be extremely overwhelming and cause great physical and mental torment. Trying to find the root cause of your sleep issues can be confusing, misleading and down right frustrating. At Meyer Dental Group we believe that sleep apnea treatment in Chicago should be simple, attainable and affordable. 

Don’t let misleading information trap you into a cycle of uncertainty that could eventually lead to the loss of your life.

How we can help:

In your journey towards stabilized sleep, you deserve effective, affordable and proactive support from our dentist in Mount Prospect, Dr. Tom Meyer at Meyer Dental Group. 

  • Dr. Meyer has 25 years experience including sleep apnea treatment in Chicago
  • He is a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM)
  • Is AADSM-certified to create custom-fitted sleep apnea appliances

Getting started is simple

STEP 1: Tell us your story and symptoms

STEP 2: Find personalized sleep solutions 

STEP 3: Feel like yourself again

Don’t settle for a life of poor sleep. Click here.

Consequences of sleep apnea

Without resolving your compromised sleep, greater health issues can develop and intensify the feelings of overwhelming anxiety you’re suffering from. 

  • Stop feeling drained 
  • End the brain fog 
  • Diminish stress and anxiety 
  • Don’t alienate from friends and family 
  • Avoid expensive future health treatment

The benefits of sleep apnea treatment

With a personalized approach to treating your sleep apnea in Chicago, you can work towards achieving a happier, healthier and higher quality of life. 

  • Boost your energy levels 
  • Think more clearly 
  • Feel well rested 
  • Engage with loved ones 
  • Choose a long-term, affordable solution

Take back control

You are in complete control of achieving the positive and energized lifestyle that you want to have. Don’t settle for a life of fatigue, disengagement and frustration caused by interrupted sleep. 

Our New Patient Experience is a comprehensive exam that takes an affordable, accessible and in-depth dive into your overall holistic health. For an affordable fee of $175, Dr. Tom takes a personalized approach to understanding your dental health and how it is impacting your overall quality of life. Click here.

Instead, begin your journey towards a more enriching life where you can engage with friends, family, colleagues and the world around in you without being compromised by exhaustion. Mount Prospect dentist, Dr. Tom, and the Meyer Dental Group team look forward to meeting you and supporting you in the process of sleep apnea treatment in Chicago. 

Don’t settle for a life of poor sleep. Click here.


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