Tired of being tired and feeling terrible? Living with sleep apnea, a condition where your breathing is interrupted during sleep, is painful, upsetting and overwhelming. It can be especially difficult to manage  due to the prevalence of sleep apnea myths, which can be confusing, prevent you from seeking proper treatment and are costly to your health — and your wallet. 

Getting trapped in a web of this disorienting information can cause you to feel frustrated, stressed  and hopeless. As sleep apnea treatment providers,  Meyer Dental Group believes that sleep apnea solutions should be straightforward, accessible and affordable. 

Don’t let the following sleep apnea myths lock you into the common sleep apnea cycle of physical torment, compromised cognitive function and depression — a cycle that could eventually lead to the loss of your life. 

5 Common Sleep Apnea Myths 

1. Sleep apnea is not a big deal

As subtly as they may occur,  brief interruptions in breathing can cause extreme tiredness, increase risk of obesity, high blood pressure, heart failure, hormonal damage and could lead to stroke among many other health implications. It is a BIG deal. 

2. Only people who snore have sleep apnea

While snoring is a common symptom of sleep apnea, some people who are diagnosed with the disorder do not snore. In fact, in severe cases, your airway can be blocked completely, preventing snoring. 

3. Sleep apnea is specific to seniors

Although sleep disorders are more likely to affect the elderly than younger individuals, sleep apnea can also impact children and young adults as well depending on the structure of their mouth’s airways.

4. Surgery is necessary to treat sleep apnea

You don’t need to go through grueling, nightmarish surgery to resolve your sleep apnea. It is treatable through non-invasive approaches that Dr. Tom Meyer offers. Surgery is often only recommended for very advanced cases.

5. Sleep apnea only affects overweight individuals

While sleep apnea can be a consequence of weight gain, it is often caused by the design of your mouth’s airways based on your genetics. Sleep apnea is often the cause of weight gain in the first place. 

Sleep Apnea Support

We understand that seeking clear sleep apnea solutions can be misleading, stunt your journey to better health and can be quite costly. To put a stop to your struggle, you deserve effective, affordable and proactive support from Mount Prospect dentist Dr. Tom Meyer at Meyer Dental Group. 

  • Dr. Meyer has 30+ years of robust dental experience, including sleep apnea treatment
  • He is a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM)
  • Is certified by the AADSM to create custom-fitted oral appliances to treat sleep apnea

To get started is easy. Here’s the plan:

STEP 1: Come in for a diagnoses

STEP 2: Let’s create a personalized treatment plan 

STEP 3: Get your life back with better sleep

Stop sleep apnea from compromising your quality of life. Click here.

Dangerous Consequences of Sleep Apnea 

Did you know sleep deprivation resulting from sleep apnea can cause death? By being led astray by sleep apnea myths and not seeking adequate  treatment, you could:

  • Sacrifice important relationships
  • Lose your job 
  • Fail to participate in the hobbies you love

At the same time, sleep apnea can cause you to endure the following  dangerous symptoms: 

External symptoms 

  • Extreme physical weakness
  • Headache
  • Poor concentration 
  • Memory loss
  • Breathing complications
  • Weight gain  
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart failure 
  • Abnormal cholesterol
  • Unhealthy liver

Internal symptoms 

  • Stress
  • Anxiety & depression
  • Irritability
  • Hopelessness 

Improve Your Life with Sleep Apnea Solutions

By seeking treatment and recovering, your life can be lush with:

  • Elevated social bonds
  • Enhanced career growth
  • Engagement in meaningful hobbies

Don’t fall for the sleep apnea myths that put your safety, health and wellness at severe risk. Summer is here for only a little while longer — get started as soon as you can to make it count! Mount Prospect dentist, Dr. Meyer can assist you with finding clear sleep apnea treatment options that can help change your life for the better.  

Stop sleep apnea from compromising your quality of life. Click here.

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