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those deprived of their sleep could be deprived of good health

A surprising number of people suffer from a variety of sleeping disorders. Not being able to sleep soon wears you down emotionally and physically and can break down your resistance to disease, too.

If you suffer from a recognized sleeping disorder you should make an effort to find out what is causing it. Treating the cause of any health problem, including sleeping disorder is much more effective than treating the symptoms.

These days, sleep disorders can be treated and sufferers do not need to go without sleep. Some important sleep disorders like sleep apnea may be relieved with help from us here at the Meyer Dental Group.

How sleeping disorders can affect your health

There is a strong link between sleep and good health. It works both ways. One reason for not being able to sleep is another unrelated health problem. Not being able to sleep, either because of the physical effect of the health problem itself or worrying about it may mean not being able to sleep.

Lack of sleep may ultimately effect other important aspects of your health, such as your blood pressure. There is a link between chronic sleep disorders and other serious problems like stroke, heart disease, diabetes and psychological problems like depression.

It is hard to treat sleep problems unless the cause has been positively identified and remedied, so this is the first step in treatment.

You should certainly see a health professional if you have been finding it hard to sleep for a long time. If you have sleep apnea or suffer from excessive snoring, the blocking of your airways, which is a typical cause, may be remedied with an appliance provided and fitted by one of our dentists.

How sleeping disorders can be treated with help from a dentist

Some sleeping disorders are caused by the blockage of the airflow when you sleep. Typically, the muscles surrounding your mouth and throat, including your tongue, relax and the tongue falls back and blocks air movement down into the lungs.

With sleep apnea, the sufferer wakes up with a start, before going back to sleep again – often many times a night.

Your dentist can provide a specially fitted mouthpiece which helps to keep your tongue out of the way of the back of your mouth.

There are various different designs which we can show you at the Meyer Dental Group and one of these is likely to prove to be a simple and effective way of getting to sleep with an improved airflow.

Do your health a favor – get help with your sleep

Once you have been able to find out what has been the root cause of your sleep disorder, you may be able to get immediate and effective sleep relief with the help with dental treatment.

You owe your body a favor when you deprive it of sleep so the use of a mouthpiece that works to improve the way you breathe and sleep at night is doing your health a favor, too.

Make a visit to Meyer Dental Group today and we will show you what our commitment to your sleep and your health looks like in action when you see us practicing what we preach.

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