Oral Cancer Screening

We believe... oral cancer needs to be caught early.

We believe… good oral health can help you live longer

Oral cancer is not one of the most prevalent cancers in the U.S. but a significant number of people are unfortunately affected by this disease every year. The estimate for new cases in 2016 was 48,250 with9,575 fatalities. The common risk factors are the use of tobacco, snuff and alcohol, HPV infection and exposure to the sun.

Here at the Meyer Dental Group, we promote screening methods such as ViziLite Plus as we believe it can help save your life.

Oral cancer screening with Vizilite Plus can save your life

ViziLite Plus is a method we use to detect abnormalities in the soft tissue in your mouth. We recommend it for those who are in a high-risk group for developing oral cancer. It is difficult to detect oral cancer early enough just by observation as it cannot be seen easily by a dentist, but ViziLite Plus can do what the eye cannot. The ViziLite Plus exam is fast and painless and could help to save your life.

How does Vizilite Plus work?

ViziLite Plus technology helps us to see abnormal tissue forming in the mouth, before obvious signs of oral cancer become clear. The ViziLite Plus instrument is passed over oral tissue after the area has received treatment from a rinse solution. Tissue that is normal and healthy will absorb any light and will look dark in color while a white color will detect abnormal tissue.

ViziLite Plus is able to identify any tissue changes when they are at an early stage. If we detect anything abnormal we will recommend the next course of action before the abnormality has developed into cancer. This ensures an easy cure compared to a late diagnosis when the abnormality becomes visible to one of our dentists.

Vizilite Plus is preventative oral health care

When you come to the Meyer Dental Group for your twice yearly check up you can ask us to include a ViziLite Plus examination too. If you do this regularly you won’t even notice it, but you will know that you are giving your mouth a chance to be free of cancer.

We believe in early detection of all dental problems as we know a cure is more effective if administered early rather than too late. It’s good for your overall oral health and good for us, too.

Prevention is key longevity

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