Non-Surgical Facelift

Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Tom Meyer

We believe… a non-surgical facelift by your dentist can make you look as young as you feel

Looking older than you feel? Are you unhappy about the changes in the shape of your face as you have grown older? Many people accept that their face will change as they age, but may not be aware that this has a lot to do with their teeth.

Just because your face seems to sag or lose shape doesn’t mean that it cannot be reversed as dental technology can help to give you a much needed ‘facial update’ by concentrating on what has gone wrong with your teeth.

Many people are living longer and leading more active lives well into old age. It’s no surprise that many older people feel younger than they look and want to look how they feel. Here at the Meyer Dental Group we believe that our dental treatments can be just what you need to help you become more confident about how you look and improve your self-esteem.

Who needs a non-surgical facelift?

You will no doubt notice that your face has changed shape over the years but may not be aware how this can be linked to what is happening or what has happened to your teeth. When teeth go missing or have grown in ways that have meant they have become too close together or too far apart, then it can make the shape of your face seem unnatural. You may also have noticed other signs of aging too – your teeth may have started to appear longer as your gums recede or they are beginning to look yellower or discolored.

These are all signs that can point you towards the benefits of dental treatments to influence the shape of your face. Many of these defects can be sorted out with modern dentistry techniques that we offer at the Meyer Dental Group, that are no longer painful and far less invasive than you might have thought.

Reversing the look of aging can be easier than you think

We will look closely at your teeth and discuss with you what might help to improve your facial shape and reverse some of those changes that have become a bit too obvious. The procedures suggested will depend on your individual circumstances but may be a combination of simple dental techniques.
The most commonly recommended non-surgical facelift techniques which will make a difference to your face shape will be using dental implants, bridges or crowns when you have missing teeth or there are noticeable gaps in your teeth.

When teeth have become too overcrowded, we may recommend arch widening with the help of special inserts, a bit like braces. These are far less conspicuous than the sort of appliances you may remember from your childhood, even those made from metal.

At the same time, you may choose to have any noticeable blemishes in the appearance of your teeth like chips or cracks or discoloration repaired or removed with the help of veneers, bonding and teeth whitening gels such as zoom gel.

Give your face the special facelift it deserves today

Here at our cosmetic dentist Chicago office, we take particular pleasure in making people feel happier about the way they feel about themselves.

We believe that everyone’s overall health is improved by a boost to one’s own self-confidence and self-esteem.

When your face appears to be looking too old for your age because of the condition of your teeth, you can be reassured that it can be fixed. Your first step on the road to giving your face a bit of special treatment may be arranging a visit to the Meyer Dental Group to ask about whether a  non-surgical facelift is right for you.

Make a visit to Meyer Dental Group today and we will show you what our commitment to your best smile looks like in action when you see us practicing what we preach

A small change can make a big difference.

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