Fountain of Youth® Dentures

We believe... you can look, feel, and eat better with dentures.

Fountain of Youth® Dentures can give you the confidence with a youthful appearance and teeth that let you talk, eat, laugh, and smile knowing they are secure.


Smile with the same confidence you had with your natural smile with properly fitted dentures.

Advantages of Fountain of Youth® Dentures

More comfortable and function better than traditional dentures.

  • Better fit means better for smiling, chewing, and speaking
Designed to support the face which can make you look younger.

  • Reduce jowls, turkey neck, sunken cheeks, and other signs of aging
Prevent facial pain caused by wearing poorly fitted dentures.

  • FOY® dentures evenly distribute pressure on the gums, eradicating friction on the gums and denture discomfort
This amazing breakthrough in denture technology not only improves the fit and function of your dentures, it also helps make you look younger by supporting your face like your natural teeth; reducing lines and wrinkles across your face.


To learn more about the advantages of Fountain of Youth® Dentures, consultation prices and details, read on.



Come in for a consultation


OPTION 1: Complimentary and Informational

Visit our office for a 20 minute scheduled consultation appointment to gather information on the FOY® procedure and what it can generally do for you.

OPTION 2: Customized and Clinical

Informational and Clinical.

Visit our office for a 40 minute appointment spent taking photos, CT Scan and clinical evaluation by Dr. Tom.

Follow up appointment scheduled for a week later in order to discuss personalized treatment options and visually see in photos what changes to your smile can do for you!

Fee: $565

It's time for better fitted dentures.
Don’t let dentures limit you.
Schedule a consultation for high quality cosmetic dentures designed to turn back the clock on your appearance.
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