Thursday, June 15th- 5:30 pm-8:30 pm

Clear braces are more popular than ever, and for good reason! Invisalign™ can effectively correct bite issues, straighten teeth, and close gaps…all while being barely visible. Correcting your bite can improve your dental health as well as your overall health with an added bonus of boosting your self-confidence and giving you a terrific looking smile!

  • What are the costs of Invisalign™?
  • How long does it take?
  • Are they safe?
  • What will my smile look like after treatment?

These questions can all be answered at the Meyer Dental Group Invisalign™ OPEN HOUSE event!

family and cosmetic dentist Dr. Tom Meyer is offering free invisalign consultations in their Invisalign des plaines dental clinic's Invisalign Open House. this is their event banner.

Every patient who registers in our office will be walked through a series of steps. You can expect to meet with our Invisalign™ specialist and have all of the necessary record taking done by our professional team. You will receive a no-obligation treatment presentation showing you how awesome of a smile you can have should you proceed with Invisalign™ treatment…a $450 savings for you!

Another added bonus for all patients who commit to treatment— complimentary Teeth Whitening at the completion of your Invisalign™ treatment!

Meyer Dental Group is the preferred provider of Invisalign in Des Plaines

Invisalign Des Plaines Open House Details- Register Now!

We will be registering patients for personalized time slots on June 15th between the hours of 5:30 – 8:30 pm. This session will be a wonderful opportunity for you to understand more about the Invisalign™ process, and determine if you are a good candidate for clear braces.

During our Open House, enjoy snacks and cocktails while you learn how to improve your smile with Invisalign™ . We hope you can join us for this very special event opportunity!

What you need to know about Invisalign Clear Braces!


1. Invisalign Braces Are Almost Invisible


What makes clear braces so attractive to adults and teens is that they are nearly invisible. The smooth, clear material is custom made in the lab and designed to fit snugly on your teeth, so there is no discomfort or unsightly metal brackets.

2. Clear braces cause less tenderness

With traditional braces, the wires and bands tighten and put pressure on the teeth, which can cause tenderness after adjustments on both the teeth and gums. Not to mention, wires can occasionally pop out and poke the gums, or brackets can come loose.
Most patients who wear clear braces, like Invisalign™ claim they experience less tenderness. The reason for this is the custom fit of the trays. Should there be any discomfort, trays can be temporarily removed for a short period of time, if needed.

3. Oral hygiene is a breeze

Home care is so much easier with clear braces. All you have to do is remove the trays and brush and floss as before…Not the case at all with traditional metal braces!! This ease of care with Invisalign™ is a great way to ensure proper homecare practices, which leads to fewer cavities and gum issues later down the road!

des plaines invisalign patient before and after

4. Investment on clear braces can vary

Your personalized treatment plan will vary on cost depending on the length of process involved, the amount of trays needed to be custom made, and the overall complexity of treatment planned. Our open house event is designed so you will know all the investment costs to you upfront.

Come to our Des Plaines Dental Office Open House for a free consultation- while spots still remain!

In order to take advantage of this Invisalign Des Plaines event opportunity, call ASAP to reserve your spot!  It will be a fun and informative event that will take you through the steps of being able to make a no-obligation decision on whether clear braces can give you the smile of your dreams!  We look forward to seeing you on June 15th so we can answer all of your questions and show you what we can do for you!

Call us at (847) 827-6290 or email

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