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Sleep Apnea Treatment

There are a range of sleep apnea treatment options which could give you relief at night from constant bouts of wakefulness.

Dentist Des Plaines IL offering CPAP alternatives

CPAP Alternatives

CPAPs can be noisy and uncomfortable and it is reassuring to know that alternatives do exist.

Dentist Des Plaines IL offering snoring devices

Snoring Devices

When you snore, it is the result of your tongue positioning or airway constriction (due to bite positioning), a dental appliance can help to realign the bite, or reposition the tongue.


More about Sleep Disorders and Snoring

Sleep dentist Des Plaines IL treats sleep apnea and snoring

About Dental Related Sleeping Disorders

Some important sleep disorders like sleep apnea may be relieved with help from us here at the Meyer Dental Group.

Sleep dentist Des Plaines IL offers snoring and sleep apnea relief

Effects of Sleep Disorders

Root canal procedures repair and help to save a badly infected or decayed tooth.